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Hummingbird Meaning


The Meaning of Hummingbird In Different Societies

To most of us, the meaning of hummingbird presence is that summer has arrived. This bird, found only in the Western Hemisphere, is the basis of many stories, legends, and meanings among native cultures, dating back to before Columbian times. While the phrase “meaning of hummingbird” appears at first to be a bit awkward grammatically, after watching these little birds go about their business, the phrase begins to take on meaning, in fact many meanings.

Whimsical But All Business – Symbolically, meaning of hummingbird often signifies the leading of a joyful, somewhat carefree life, although in flying in its zigzag patterns, and flitting from place to place, the hummingbird usually does so with an objective in mind. Meaning of hummingbird can also signify bravery, having the status of a warrior. In spite of its small size, and sometimes apparent shyness, the hummingbird will defend its own turf, against not only other hummingbirds, but against much larger birds as well. It’s hard to fight something that is first here and then there, in an instant. The whimsical nature of the hummingbird in flight suggests a rather whimsical creature, but one that at the same time is all business.

The Hummingbird As A Totem – Some cultures have totems in which one kind or another of animal represents the tribe. The tribe is supposedly descended from that animal and takes on characteristics of the animal. The bear, the wolf, and the eagle are of course well known in the world of the totem, but the hummingbird has its place as well. Hummingbirds have been worshiped in some cultures as bringers or not only joy and good luck, but rain as well. The meaning of hummingbird translates into the ability to survive in conditions of drought and the ability to travel long distances, as well as the ability to move quickly from place to place. And, the meaning of hummingbird teaches compliance, and an ability to adapt.

These meanings have come into being through simply watching the little bird go about its business. While one cannot help but feel happy when hummingbirds are about, one can also see that they are always very busy, whether in full flight from one point to the next or hovering over a flower, or maybe hovering over you. The hummingbird seems to be saying, “I may be small but I can do anything, and take whatever life has in store for me. I can roll with the punches and continue on with determination and a sense of joy and happiness.”

A Bird Of Legend – The spirit of the hummingbird has penetrated many ancient cultures, from the Navajo and Cherokee nations in the north, to the Aztec and Inca cultures in the south. While the legends and stories differ widely from culture to culture, there is a common denominator or sorts. In almost every legend, the hummingbird is seen as a friend and benefactor to mankind. The spirit of the hummingbird provides fertility to the land, and rain from the skies. The Pueblo Indians have a hummingbird dance, which is performed in hopes it will bring needed rainfall. Perhaps one reason for the meaning of hummingbird to be tied so closely to rain is that the colors of the feathers on its throat are often the colors of the rainbow.

Hummingbird Dreams And Tattoos – In more modern times, some have attempted to explain the meaning of hummingbird dreams or find stories associated with hummingbird tattoos. In either case, they come up somewhat empty-handed. There doesn’t appear to be any particular significance to a dream featuring hummingbirds, although it more than likely will be a pleasant dream. Ask anyone the story behind a hummingbird tattoo they may be wearing, and instead of an explanation rooted in mystery and legend, they’ll probably tell you that it’s because they like it. A hummingbird tattoo is generally thought of as being a rather feminine tattoo, and it’s more likely to find one on a woman than on a man. Probably a rather happy woman, or man.

While the hummingbird may be a creature of legend, it is for the most part a very beautiful and very busy little creature. A joy to have for company on a warm summer’s day.