The Fascinating World of the Barking Tree Frog: Discovering Their Unique Characteristics and Behaviors

The Fascinating World of the Barking Tree Frog: Discovering Their Unique Characteristics and Behaviors

Nestled in the southeastern United States lives an extraordinary creature. Clad in varying shades of green and yellow, the Barking Tree Frog earned its name not just for their tree-climbing prowess but also for their unique auditory trait – their low-pitched, honking sounds!

Barking Tree Frog: A Color-Changing Camouflage Master

A macro image of two Barking Tree Frogs on natural wood
Donna / Adobe Stock

Did you know that these amazing tree-dwellers sport a talent for slight-of-scale color changes? This morphing ability isn’t just for show, it serves a crucial purpose! Stress, temperature fluctuations or even the time of day can trigger these color shifts. The Barking Tree Frog, in all its climatic sensitivity, reflects moods as changes from lime to medium green, with yellow to gold flecks brightening their underbelly.

The Barking Tree Frog As A Pet

Barking Tree Frog sitting on a tree branch
ondreicka / Adobe Stock

Fascination for this species further extends to its adoption as pets. Affable, easy-going and hardy, Barking Tree Frogs can be delightful pet companions. Here are a few tips to ensure they thrive:

Proper Housing

  • Opt for a glass aquarium as it offers calm by blocking out excessive noise while retaining necessary heat.
  • Equip your tank with a wire snap-on lid for ventilation and a safe, escape-proof environment.

Comfortable Habitat

  • Line the tank with mulch or peat bedding to emulate their natural surroundings and maintain humidity.
  • Include tree bark or branches (obviously with no sharp edges) for that extra touch of the wild.

Essential Resources

  • Ensure a steady light and heat source, ideally managed with a small fluorescent or reptile light.
  • Maintain a shallow dish filled with clean water to boost humidity.

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Dietary Habits

  • Our little green buddies enjoy a nutritious diet of worms, moths and crickets, which can even be served by hand, all in good time!

Further Reading

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