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Why Are Cheetahs Endangered

Why Are Cheetahs Endangered

Why are cheetahs endangered?

That is a good question to ask.  However, some people may not be prepared for the answer.  This article is briefly going to answer that question and help us understand what we may be able to do in order to help the cheetah survive.  Let’s just say that what we do always trickles down and affects others, even animals.  So read on!

The main reason that the cheetah is endangered is because of the way that we, as humans, live.  We have moved into the cheetah’s natural habitat and actually taken it over in many cases.  This does not give this amazing animal a lot of room to move around and continue surviving the way that they have in the past. 

Running cheetah view

Humans have also killed many of the antelopes that the cheetah would kill in order to survive.  We can not live without food and neither can they.

If we look at the fur trade it is easy to see what we have done to the cheetah in the past as well.  Many of the large animals of the cat family have been killed so that man could take their fur and make money on it. 

So, why are cheetahs endangered?  Because, we have made choices that have effected their livelihood and contributed to the decrease in their numbers.

If you continue to think about the cheetah it is easy to see that they may be considered a threat by many people.  Because they are thought to be dangerous, many times farmers and individuals that own ranches will kill the cheetahs that are coming onto their property. 

They are concerned that this animal is going to kill their livestock and their way of producing income for their families.  They are simply doing this to protect what is theirs. However, they are further harming the cheetah and its survival in the process. 

It is important to remember that if the cheetah had enough to eat in the wild; they may not need to come onto farms and ranches to look for food.

Female cheetah and her four tiny cubs sitting on a large termite mound

Over the years there have been many acts that have passed, placing the cheetah on the endangered and protected list.  This did help with the amount of animals that we being killed in order to get their fur. However, there is a lot more that can be done. 

We need to stop and look at the choices we make and how they are going to effect wildlife and other animals that need to survive in the wild.

Even though we may not always see the benefit of many animals, there are always a few.  It is important to think about what role the cheetah plays in the wild.  How are they helping the humans rather than considering the threats that they pose.  The cheetah is not going to move into populated areas if they are able to survive in the wild. What can we do in order to help that happen?

In order to solve any problem, you need to fully understand it.  You must fully understand each of the root causes and then find potential solutions for each one.  This article has shown that cheetahs are endangered for a number of reasons. 

Each one of these problems needs to have a solution if we intend to help them.  Why are cheetahs endangered?  Because mankind has forgot about their importance.  If we are going to save them, we need to stop being selfish and think of all creatures when we make decisions. 

Spend time finding out what you can do to help the cheetah.  If everyone does something small, it will all add up.

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