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Where Do Jaguars Live?

Interesting Facts Regarding Where do Jaguars Live

The jaguar, officially known as “Panthera onca” is a magnificent creature with a long, lean body.  Many people want to know where do jaguars live and the answer is that this cat lives in different parts of the world.  Even so, the jaguar is considered the national animal of Brazil, being a strong and gorgeous cat unlike any other.  In this article, we wanted to address questions about where do jaguars live, showing you other regions where they are found.

Okay, so where do jaguars live?  The following is a breakdown of where this incredible cat is found:

  • Peruvian Jaguar – This breed of the jaguar is found along the coastal regions of Peru
  • Mexican Jaguar – Throughout the western regions of Mexico is another breed of this cat
  • Texas Jaguar – Jaguars are also found in the central plains of Texas, stretching to the southeast region of Mexico
  • Central American Jaguar – All the way from El Salvador to Colombia, this breed of the jaguar lives
  • Goldman’s Jaguar – This cat can also be found in Belize, the Yucatan Peninsula, and Guatemala

So when asking where do jaguars live, keep in mind that one of the largest species, known as the Panthera onca palustris lives in regions of Pantanal.  This includes regions to include Brazil, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, northeast Argentina, and even into Paraguay, all along the Paraguay River.  Interesting, this breed of the jaguar is the largest of the subspecies, often reaching weights of 300 pounds.

Of all felines, the jaguar comes in third, falling behind the tiger and lion.  With beautiful spots, some people confuse this cat with the leopard but typically, the jaguar is a somewhat larger and with a sturdier build.  As far as living habitat, people are also surprised to find that the answer to “where do jaguars live” includes areas similar to where the tiger lives.  This means jaguars are commonly found in dense rainforests but they also live in open habitats too.

Where do jaguars live?  This cat also stays close to areas with water, for drinking but also for swimming, a favorite pastime.  No matter where the jaguar is found, you would find that it stays by itself most of the time, being a solitary animal.  This cat will lay in wait to stalk its prey, preparing to ambush its next meal.  The cat’s bite is extremely strong with experts comparing it to the bite of a lion.  With this, the armor shell of reptiles can be pierced with ease.

Sadly, this species of cat is threatened, as the areas associated with where do jaguars live are torn down.  With rainforests being destroyed, the number of living cats is declining.  Then, more and more humans are killing this beautiful beast and international trade is taking its toll.  The good news is that efforts by various organizations are making a difference by raising jaguars in captivity and finding protected land where they can live and breed in safety.

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