Monkey Food: A Comprehensive Guide to What Monkeys Eat

If you’ve ever wondered, “What do monkeys eat?” you’re not alone. Most of us might believe that a banana is the snack of choice, a stereotype reinforced everywhere from cartoons to textbooks. However, the monkey menu is much more diverse and intriguing than you might think.

Understanding The Variety in Monkeys

Family of monkeys on a mountain
Suprem Vanam / Unsplash

Did you know that there are a whopping 130 different monkey species worldwide? Essentially, we categorize them into two main groups. Old World’ monkeys inhabit Asia and Africa, known for their smaller, straight tails. In contrast, ‘New World’ monkeys, native to America, sport long tails perfecting for gripping tree branches.

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Feeding Habits: What Do Monkeys Eat?

In the Wild

Small monkey eating a fruit
Mathew Schwartz / Unsplash

No matter their location or type, monkeys display a preference for a cornucopia of fruits and vegetables. Leaves, flowers, seeds, and even bark make their way to the monkey plate. Occasionally, they supplement their diet with insects, small reptiles, eggs, and a snack of grass. Does that sound fascinating or what?

In Zoos

Small monkey on a zoo eating banana
Audronė Locaitytė / Unsplash

The scenario changes a bit for monkeys in zoos. The artificial settings don’t fully simulate the vastness of their natural habitats, leading to a shift in diet. Zoo monkeys have daily deliveries of bananas, monkey chow – the equivalent of dog food for monkeys – celery, raisins, lettuce, and more.

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Dietary Diversity Across Monkey Species

Small monkey peeling rambutan fruits on the ground
Silver Ringvee / Unsplash

Here’s a thing about asking “What do monkeys eat?” The answer will change depending on the specific monkey species and their geographical habitat. Take the American spider monkey, for instance. About 90% of its diet consists of seeds and fruits. Some monkeys in the rainforest may enjoy a share of coconuts. Regional differences, species differences, and local food availability are all factors that determine a monkey’s diet.

Monkeys are usually active eaters – they eat on the move, chew while they climb or hang, and usually consume food immediately rather than storing it.

  • In groups, female monkeys actively participate in locating food.
  • When food seems scarce, group members scatter to find food in the vicinity.

Concluding The Monkey Food Talk

Group of small brown monekys eating foods of the ground
Frederick Shaw / Unsplash

Finally, it’s crucial to remember that the question, “What do monkeys eat?” can have a plethora of answers depending on the monkey species, their natural or artificial habitats, and regional food availability. So the next time you see a monkey enjoyed its meal, you know there’s more to their diet than just bananas.

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