5 Different Types of Hamsters You Need to Know About

It’s fair to say that hamsters have become incredibly popular as small pets. Selecting your first one can be a tad overwhelming when you’re faced with various types of hamsters up for adoption. Let’s take a stroll through the fascinating world of these charming rodents and get to know them better.

Diving Deep into the Types of Hamsters

Mother with two guinea pig babies

Our innocent little friends were first discovered in the desert plains of Syria as far back as the mid-19th century. The term ‘Golden Hamster’ was coined for the first one found due to its striking colour. Fast forward to the 1930s, a fresh family of hamsters were found in the same region. Slowly but surely, the descendants from this family went on to become household pets worldwide.

Now, the type of hamster you choose will determine the supplies you’d need. So, having a basic understanding of different breeds is essential before adoption. Here’s a quick list of mainstream pet hamsters:

  • Syrian Hamster
  • Campbells Russian
  • Winter White Russian
  • Chinese Hamster
  • Roborovski Hamster

An Insight into Various Types of Hamsters

Syrian Hamster

Chubby brown guinea pigs

The Syrian hamster takes the top spot for being the most common. Being the largest species, they measure between four to six inches in length. One peculiarity of Syrians is their solitary nature— house them separately to prevent any serious conflicts. Don’t let this bother you, though; they usually live for two to three enjoyable years.

Campbells Russian

Golden fluffy Syrian hamster in hands of girl

A tad smaller than the Syrian, the Campbells Russian is known for its distinctive qualities. Measuring about three inches in adulthood, it’s not as friendly to humans as its Syrian counterpart. While its social nature adds a unique charm, the occasional aggressive habit makes it a poor choice for families with young children.

Winter White Russian

Russian campbell on a hamster wheel
fantom_rd / Adobe Stock

One of the smaller types of hamsters, Winter Whites live up to their name by turning white during winter. Though not as abundant as Campbells, their social demeanor makes them another interesting addition to the hamster family.

Chinese Hamsters

Hamster feasting on a snack

Chinese Hamsters, seen less often than others, are known for their slender physique and longer tail. Friendly by nature, and living for approximately two years, these somewhat “rat like” creatures exhibit a timeless beauty in their own way.

Roborovski Hamster

Cute Roborovski hamster
Emilia Stasiak / Adobe Stock

The smallest and rarest of all hamster breeds, the Roborovski, measures merely two inches. Known for their swift movements and sociable nature, they enjoy the company of their fellow hamsters. These tiny fluffy balls live up to three years on average.

Understanding the distinguishing traits of different types of hamsters can guide you towards finding your perfect furry companion—all you need to do is pick one that resonates with your personality. Keep this guide handy for your next visit to the pet store!

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