Exploring the Enchanting Realm of Toyger Kittens

If you’re a feline enthusiast, prepare to have your mind blown. Today, we venture deep into the enchanting world: The Wonderful World Of Toyger Kittens. Akin to ‘tiger’, the toyger kittens are not just some tabbies trying to fashion themselves like the mighty tiger. These unique feline treasures are exceedingly artistic replicas of their wild brethren, right down to the rusty hue coating their fur with distinct striations of the tiger. Now that’s really something, isn’t it?

Origin and Development of the Breed

A young Toyger kitten with mesmerizing green eyes and distinct stripes, attentively sitting on a grey surface.
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Toygers’ timeline traces back to the early 90s. The International Cat Association (TICA) welcomed this new breed into its realms in 1993. Interestingly, as breeders diligently work on refining these cats to mirror their wild counterpart, the pure Toyger bloodline also dignifies them with standalone recognition in the TICA show-ring.

Why Breed Toygers?

Breeding Toygers was neither a random act nor a gimmick for creating another ‘designer breed.’ In fact, it was driven by the nobler cause of raising awareness about the declining population of wild tigers due to rampant habitat encroachment. Through the likeness of Toygers to tigers, when people adopt these fascinating kittens, they inevitably ponder upon tiger conservation.

What It Feels Like To Share Space With Toygers

Two striped kittens look at a round transparent toy on a wooden plate
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Treating yourself to a Toyger means enriching your life with an endearing, light-hearted companion who is also a conscientious thinker. The breed is incredibly adaptive, making it perfect for life in an apartment. With its exceptional intelligence, you might just be setting yourself up for a whole round of intriguing adventures.

Exercise and engagement

So, here’s an attractive feature – Toygers can be leash-trained for outdoor walks. Fancy flaunting your little tiger during your morning walks? With a Toyger, you’re just a leash away from turning heads in your neighborhood.

Toygers are a delight to watch as they romp around the house, living up to their weight that often touches 15 pounds. Imagine hosting your very own fun-sized tiger cub, which, unlike the real deal, remains forever endearing in size and antics.

Things To Know When Looking To Buy Toygers

Adult Toyger Cat
Gaynorjl, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

While the breed is gradually growing in popularity, procuring toyger kittens can be slightly taxing because of the potential ambiguity around their final appearance. Unlike other breeds, toyger kittens don’t reveal their absolute coloration at birth; instead, you have to wait patiently for about eight months before they flaunt their tiger-like coat.

Breeding efforts and breeder collaborations

Toyger breeders world over are working in unison to preserve pure bloodlines while continually striving to perfect the likeness between toygers and tigers. And given the complexity involved in the breeding process, it may still be several decades before we see a nearly-perfect toyger.

Meet the Toyger Breeders

Global breeders like Roman Toygers, Designer Stripes, Styled in the Wild, and Toygerland (USA) along with Eye Of the Toyger (Canada), Toygerwelt (Germany), and Jungle Queen (UK) have invested extensively in the progress of the breed.

Pricing and other considerations

Although Toyger kittens start at an average price of around $800, you could end up paying more if they have a high conformity to the TICA’s breed-standard. It’s also worth noting that genuine breeders typically sell their kittens only after neutering them to prevent any divergence in the bloodline.

You guessed it right! Owning a Toyger is not just about hosting a sensational feline; it’s also about sustaining the legacy of their majestic wild cousins – Tigers.

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