Your Guide to Caring for a Pet Gecko: Everything You Need to Know

A pet Gecko, particularly the popular Leopard variety, is an intriguing choice for both animal enthusiasts and those simply looking for a fur-free, allergy-friendly companion. Taking one into your home does envelop you in a unique and fascinating world of animal husbandry. However, it’s important to remember that moving a Leopard Gecko into a new environment causes stress, and as a concerned pet owner, you should afford it a couple of days to adapt before any handling. Fear not; it’s perfectly normal for your new friend not to eat during this period.

Creating a Comfortable Habitat for Your Pet Gecko

Your pet Gecko will flourish in a range of habitats as long as they are kept warm, comfortable, and secure. An economical option is a rack system, designed to house multiple plastic boxes. Heat tape strategically placed under these boxes maintains the warmth your pet Gecko requires for survival. To simplify cleanup, newspaper can serve as a lining; simply throw away and replace when dirty.

Upgrade to an Aquarium Setup

Small terrarium with cactus and piece of desert

If you prefer a more stylish arrangement, a 10-gallon aquarium with gravel, wood pieces, and plants creates a homey environment. If you plan on keeping multiple Geckos, a larger 20-gallon aquarium is advised. However, be extremely cautious with this as conflicts, especially between males, could arise.

  • Avoid using sand as a substrate. Many Geckos have met premature deaths due to stomach impaction from accidental sand ingestion.

Feeding and Health Care for Your Pet Gecko

Madagascar giant day gecko
Pascal Halder / Adobe Stock

Pet Geckos adore insects. Their dish of the day typically features live crickets, flies, or mealworms. Make sure your geckos are all getting their share if you house multiple. If any live crickets remain after feeding time, be sure to remove them, as these can stress your pet Gecko.

  • Sprinkle your pet Gecko’s meals with a powdered multivitamin once a week to ensure optimal health.

Temperature and Humidity Control

Your pet Gecko thrives in high temperatures and humidity, reflecting their desert origins. Buy a reptile-specific humidifier and, perhaps, place a heated rock inside the habitat to create a relaxing hotspot for your pet.

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