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Katipo Spider

Basic Information on the Katipo Spider

The katipo spider is often found in New Zealand and it is small to medium in size.  This spider is often called the night stinger and it is poisonous if you are bitten by it.  You will know this spider by its black body and the white outline that surrounds the red line on its back.  This article will give you more information about this spider and what you may need to know about it.

The katipo spider will most likely be found along a shoreline somewhere because it enjoys being in the sand dunes.  The spider will make a web at a low level in the sand or around nearby plants.  This is done so that he or she can catch small insects and bugs that he or she will eat as their meal.  A typical meal for this type of spider is the beetle.

It is only natural that the katipo spider is becoming an endangered species.  This may be due to the fact that the beaches and sand dunes are becoming inhabited with humans.  Many people now spend their time on the beaches and they may even bring certain motor vehicles that are often enjoyed on the beach.  All of these things affect the sand dunes and contribute to the decline of this spider.

Katipo spiders are one of two widow spiders that are found in New Zealand.  This spider, as previously mentioned, will produce a toxic effect on an individual that is bitten by it.  If you are bitten you may notice that you have a lot of pain and this may result in coma, seizures or even death if you are not treated.  Thankfully there is anti-venom that can be used to help you if you have suffered a bite from the katipo spider.  If you suspect that you were bitten you will want to get to the doctor as soon as possible.

When you get to the hospital you will most likely need to stay at the hospital for some time as the medical staff will want to keep an eye on you and monitor you after the bite has taken place.  If the bite is not that severe, and you are simply suffering from pain and swelling around the bite wound, you will most likely only need to apply ice.  However, if the bite is that severe you may need to receive the anti-venom that was discussed earlier.  This can help decrease the chance of you going into a coma.

The best way to guard yourself from the katipo spider is to know about them and learn how to identify them. You can find several pictures of this spider on the internet.  Once you have an idea of what they look like you need to be able to identify where they can be found.  If you will be visiting New Zealand and you will be visiting the coastline you need to be on the lookout for this spider.  Be sure to look under drift wood that may be found along the shore.  Never pick up pop cans or other trash that could be the home for these spiders.  Keep your eyes open for them so that you do not run the risk of being bitten by one.

The katipo spider is fascinating to learn about as long as you know how to protect yourself from their poisonous bites.  Learning about these spiders is the best thing that you can do in order to avoid being bitten.  Even though they are becoming extinct you may still come across one along the shoreline when you least expect it. If you are bitten just remember to get to the hospital in order to be checked out.

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