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Kangaroo Habitat


All About The Kangaroo Habitat

If you are interested in learning about Kangaroo, you must look at its natural kangaroo habitat. Kangaroos are found mainly in Australia but they can also be found in New Guinea and Tasmania. They are the largest marsupial mammal and Kangaroos belong in the macropodidae family. They like to graze on leaves and small foliage and can adapt and live even with only small amounts of water.

Kangaroos are light brown on color and have long legs. They also have a long tail to help them hop and maneuver and use it to balance and lean on when fighting. This frees up their large powerful legs to kick and injure the offending enemy. They are also unique because they carry their young in a pouch. The pouch is located on the stomach area and it is used to house the offspring for 9 months. During this time the young kangaroos stay in this pouch. Inside the pouch the mother kangaroo or doe has 4 nipples, so that the baby joeys can eat.

When you are looking for a particular kangaroo habitat, you must first look at the type of kangaroo you are studying.

Eastern gray kangaroos are perhaps the heaviest of all the different types of kangaroos. The males are larger then the females and even though they live in smaller groups, they can join larges ones if they are crazing. They are active at night and during the day they like to relax under trees and hide in shrubbery. These larger marsupials are very powerful and can run at incredibly fast speeds and can leap over 9 feet. The eastern gray kangaroo habitat is located in eastern Australia. This area skirts the coastline and the gray kangaroos like to be in the moist damp forest that surrounds it.

Red Kangaroos are the largest marsupials and they are known for their unique coloring. The females have a blue gray tinted fur and the males are distinctly red in the eastern sections, but elsewhere both sexes can be a brownish red color. Red kangaroos travel in mobs. These mobs can have hundreds of kangaroos but all mobs only have one male that dominates over the rest. The red kangaroo habitat covers most of Australia.  They can adapt and live in just about any area. They like the moist forests but they can also live in desert areas. This is because kangaroos can go without water for days without feeling any negative affects.

Western gray kangaroos are a gray and brown color but they resemble the eastern gray kangaroo. One difference is they are a smaller size. They are slim animals and the males have a distinct odor. For this reason they are referred to as stinky animals. They are also very loud and like to communicate with others using a clicking sound. The western gray kangaroo habitat can be found on the lower west and southern corners of Australia. Like the red kangaroo, the western gray can be found not only in the dense forest but also in the desert areas. They are known to be found in golf courses and even in cities. Where ever there is an unlimited food and water supply, these western gray kangaroos can be found.

The reason more kangaroos are found in Australia compared to other countries is because Australia has incorporated many new watering sites for the kangaroo population. They were concerned about the health and well being of the animal and began to help them in the wild. Now, Australia has by far the most species of kangaroo and in some places kangaroos over populates entire areas.

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