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Iguana Terrarium


Setting Up An Iguana Terrarium

Iguanas are becoming one of the most common reptiles people keep as pets, so if you are thinking of getting one you will have to set up a iguana terrarium. Iguanas are unusual looking creatures with spikes on their backs and a long green beard. They are not an ordinary lizard. They have thicker bodies and very long tails to help them with balance and they also use their tails to defend themselves.

Iguanas can reach up to six feet. In one year they will double in size. They can weigh up to twenty pounds and can live up to twenty years. They like a warm climate and are native to South America. Along with being the most common kept reptile the iguana is also unfortunately the most dumped. People do not realize how fast these creatures grow and do not understand how to take care of them properly. The result is a full grown iguana who is aggressive and probably also sick. It is recommended that a person who is thinking of purchasing an iguana, learn as much as they can about taking care of and housing this animal.

The iguana needs an especially large type of iguana terrarium. It needs to be able to accommodate a twenty pound animal that can reach up to six feet. It must have room for the animal to move around and be comfortable. You may think that a large glass aquarium is a good idea. But it is better to use wire meshing to make an iguana terrarium. Iguanas like it hot and glass does keep the heat in. But too much heat can harm the animal, so you will want air to flow into the cage. Choose a wire mesh with small enough holes so that the iguana cannot fit through them.

Your iguana terrarium should be covered with a snap on wire mesh cover. As the iguana grows it gets stronger and may be able to open the lid by itself. You can use wire to make sure that the lid is on tightly. But make sure that there are no loose wires that may harm or scratch the reptile.

A heat light must be placed over the iguana terrarium. The animal should never be in any temperature under seventy five degrees. But it may get too hot if it does not have a way to move away from the light. You should build a wooden staircase with perches on them so that the lizard can move to any section of the cage. If it is cold it can sit on the top perch and when it gets too hot it can crawl down to the bottom of the cage.

An iguana eats any kind of fruit or vegetables and its favorite thing to eat is dandelions. You can place a bowl on the bottom of the cage for feedings but it is a better idea to hand feed your pet. If an iguana does not get handled often and does not feel comfortable around the owner, it may become mean and aggressive. Hand feedings is a good way to bond with your pet iguana. Although you should probably not handle the pet all the time because it may not be good for its health, you should attempt to handle it at least once every few days.

You can let your iguana out of its iguana terrarium and let it walk around the room. This is a great way for it to get exercise and it is another way to bond with the animal. Just make sure the room does not have anything in it that can harm the iguana.

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