Nourish Your Hedgehog with the Best Hedgehog Food

Obtaining the optimal hedgehog food may seem a Herculean task, with options being rare and expensive. But, is it necessary to break the bank for processed and specialized foods? Luckily, the answer is no. Some common, cost-effective, and nutrition-packed alternatives serve as ideal food choices for your spiky friend. An appropriate diet for your captive hedgehog tackles their needs differently compared to what they naturally forage for in the wild.

Alternative Choice for Hedgehog Food: Kitten Chow

Domesticated hedgehog being fed at home

In an unexpected twist of events, breeders often suggest using high-quality kitten chow as mealtime staples for hedgehogs. Feel free to rotate between different brands or flavors for a much-needed diversity of tastes, textures, and nutritional benefits. Always ensure your little buddy has constant access to fresh water, although you might notice minimal consumption.

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Quick Note: Consistency is Key in Hedgehog Care

Consistency plays a crucial role in building trust between you and your hedgehog. The faster your pet familiarizes with your scent, the quicker it will get accustomed to being handled. Initially, your hedgehog might curl up into a prickly ball, but with steady care and patience, it’ll warm up to your touch. Monitoring health and weight regularly contributes to a core aspect of hedgehog care.

Complementing Hedgehog Food with Natural Rations: How and When?

Hedgehog on a brown dry leaves

Besides the daily servings of kitten chow, it’s highly beneficial to complement your hedgehog’s diet with controlled portions of natural food. Here’s what to keep in mind:

  • Twice a week, offer grubs and crickets. Around 2-3 bugs per serving will keep your pet satiated and active.
  • Fruits can also be offered twice a week. Hedgehogs are known to be fond of bananas, and a couple of small slices should do.
  • When possible, hand-feed these treat foods. This action can foster trust and develop a deeper bond with your prickly pal.

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