Discover the Delights of Having a Pet Hedgehog

Discover the Delights of Having a Pet Hedgehog

Adopted Hedgehog

Ever considered adding a unique, delightful creature to your family? The African Pygmy hedgehog might be the perfect fit. Among all hedgehog species, this captivating pet has a friendly disposition, small size, and an irresistibly cute appearance that set it apart.

Understanding the Unique Features of Your Hedgehog

Domesticated hedgehog being fed at home

Hedgehogs are highly sociable animals that can either live solo or enjoy the companionship of a fellow hedgehog. Just keep in mind that two males might show aggression towards each other, while two females generally coexist peacefully. On the contrary, a male and a female placed together can multiply into many more

Why a Pygmy Hedgehog?

A young Hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus).

The African Pygmy hedgehog is particularly appealing due to its size – it’s smaller, and therefore easier to manage, than European and Egyptian counterparts. Not to mention, African Pygmies are more amiable and more suitable for households.

The Intriguing Quill Mechanism


When feeling threatened, your hedgehog will swiftly curl into a ball, displaying their sharp, protective quills. If you’ve ever experienced holding a curled-up hedgehog, you know how prickly it can get! However, these quills offer a unique sensory experience when the hedgehog is relaxed and they lie flat – they become smooth to touch. Still, remember, hedgehogs don’t shed or throw their quills like porcupines.

The Joys of Owning a Pet Hedgehog: Personality quirks

Hedgehog on a brown dry leaves

Despite their spiky exterior, hedgehogs bear fascinating personality traits. They might nibble when scared or irritated, but largely, these creatures are sociable and amicable. Some might even indulge in an occasional hiss, adding mystery to their persona!

Providing an Ideal Home for Your Hedgehog


Create a comfortable, spacious environment inside an aquarium tank for your hedgehog. Here are some tips:

  • One hedgehog per tank is ideal, to prevent confrontations.
  • If you’ve more than one hedgehog, offer them time outside the tank to roam freely.
  • Keep the environment secure yet stimulating with shredded paper at the bottom of their play pen – they love to burrow!

You can also let your pet hedgehog enjoy outdoor time in a secure garden space – just be watchful, as they can sneak into nooks and crannies.

With patience, understanding, and adherence to proper care, you can uncover the joys of owning a pet hedgehog. They’re easy-to-care exotic pets that can bring immense delight to your life. Remember to handle a young hedgehog frequently to enhance its taming process. They certainly can become a beloved presence in your home.

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