Creating a Gerbil Haven: Designing the Perfect Gerbil House

Stepping into the world of being a gerbil owner isn’t as daunting as you may think. Yes, there’s uncertainty in caring for a new animal companion, especially when there’s bedding, food and space to consider. Fear not, constructing a comfortable, spacious gerbil house is something we’ll be diving into today. Let’s get started!

Finding the Ideal Enclosure for Your Gerbil House

Pet gerbils eating millet

Before we delve into bedding and accessories, let’s chat about the enclosure. If you’re housing just one gerbil, aim for a minimal 15-gallon tank. Doubling your fur family calls for a 20-gallon companion. Remember, if you can afford more space, your gerbils will certainly appreciate it – more room for activities! While cages with bars might seem like a fine fit, remember that gerbils love burrowing, causing a mess with their bedding. Clear tunnels are a gerbil favorite, adding an extra touch of exploration to their environment.

Anatomy of a Well-Furnished Gerbil House

Mongolian gerbil eating toilet paper roll
Gophi, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Importance of Bedding

Back to the digging – gerbils have this innate love for burrowing. A generous helping of bedding goes a long way in keeping your gerbils satisfied. Top preferences include recycled paper or aspen shavings – an eco-friendly and safe choice. Keep away from pine and cedar shavings, though, the fumes can take a toll on their respiratory system.

A Cozy Resting Area

Next, let’s tackle the sleeping quarters. A clay flowerpot makes for a sturdy, safe place for your little buddies to catch their zzz’s. Shy away from materials like cardboard or soft plastic — they won’t last long against those gnawing mini-jaws!

Exercise Essentials

Exercise is crucial for the health of your gerbil pals, ensuring their physical and mental well-being. Integrating tunnels or an exercise wheel will give these energetic creatures exactly what they need. A large rock also works wonders for them, providing an occasional place to rest or a new object to discover.

The Cleanliness of a Gerbil House: A Top Priority

A domesticated Gerbil
Rebroad, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A clean gerbil house signifies a happy, healthy gerbil. Regular cleaning, about once a week, is recommended. Imagine your living sanitized every week – refreshing, right? To deep clean:

  • Secure your gerbil safely – perhaps in a bathtub with a plugged drain.
  • Remove most of the bedding but save a bit to blend with the fresh layer. Familiar scents do wonders for their comfort levels!
  • Clean the entire space with soapy water, rinse meticulously to no trace of soap remains, then dry thoroughly.
  • Wash their food dish and water bowl similarly, leaving no soap residues.

Remember, a happy gerbil house = happy and healthy gerbils! Keep it fresh, accommodating, and be prepared to see your tiny companions thrive in their new home!

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