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Gerbil Food


Gerbil Food You Should Consider

Gerbil food is something that you should understand if you want to own one of these pets.  When you get your new pet home you will need to feed it something so it is best to know what they enjoy eating.  You also need to know what you can feed it without harming it.  You want your pet to remain healthy and the best way to do this is to feed it properly.  This article will explore what your gerbil should and should not eat.

You need to start your search of gerbil food by looking for a food has at least 18% protein as well as 5% fat (less if you can find it).  You can actually find rodent food that meets these specifications if you just take the time to look.  Taking the time to purchase a mixture of seeds for your gerbil may be a good idea as well.  Your gerbil will really enjoy picking through these mixes in order to find its favorite snacks.  Be sure that the seed mixture is not making up any more than 15% of your gerbil food.

You are allowed to give your gerbil a small amount of fruits and vegetables as well.  He or she will enjoy eating fresh fruits and veggies from time to time.  However, you need to be very careful that you are not giving your gerbil a lot of these things.  Fruits and vegetables should only make up a small amount of the gerbil food during the day.

When you start giving your gerbil fruits and vegetables you will want to start out by giving them very small amounts each day.  If you give your pet too much the first time, he or she can get sick from the food.  This can give your pet diarrhea and this can kill a small animal like a gerbil.  You would not be looking up gerbil food if you were not interested in your pet’s health.  Therefore, be sure to start introducing these foods slowly.

You will find out that some gerbils really enjoy making a meal out of cereal that humans eat.  While this may be a great snack for your small friend, it should not be considered gerbil food.  You can give this as a snack but not a meal.  Be sure to avoid any cereals that have sugar or chocolate in them because these things can make your animal very sick.  Chocolate can actually be deadly for your gerbil.  You may want to think about giving your pet cheerios, oats or plain popcorn.  These things will not harm you small friend.

Other things that you may consider as gerbil food would include cheese and cooked eggs.  You will find that your friend really likes these things but you should also give these things in small quantities as well. You never want to over do it when you are feeding your gerbil.  You need to remember that they are very small and you can make them sick.  Some gerbils even enjoy milk but you will want to give small amounts of this as well.

Gerbil food can be purchased online or at your local pet store.  As long as you take the time to look at the ingredients and verify that there is nothing in there that is going to harm your pet you should not have any trouble finding a meal for your pet.  If you are confused about what you are looking for you can always ask someone at the local pet store.  You can also continue doing research on the internet.  This will help you make accurate and healthy choices related to your pets care.

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