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Fuzzy Caterpillars

Fuzzy Caterpillars

Information on Fuzzy Caterpillars

Fuzzy caterpillars have probably been noticed by you at one time or another in your life.  You have probably been interesting to you as you have seen them crawling across the ground.  Many people have wondered why they are fuzzy or what type of caterpillar they actually are. 

If you read this article you are going to learn a little bit more about the fuzzy caterpillar so you will have a better understanding of what you are looking at when you see them.

Closeup of Fuzzy Caterpillars

What is interesting to understand about fuzzy caterpillars is that when you see them in the fall, they are most often on their way to find a place to spend their winters.  Some of them will stay fuzzy for the winter and others will take the form of the pupal in order to get prepared for the cold months ahead.  Eventually, many of the fuzzy caterpillars that you see are going to turn into moths

They are going to become tiger months and they are going to have strips or spots on them.  You may have seen these moths as they are generally black and orange.  If you have ever seen these moths you are probably surprised to know now that they were once the fuzzy caterpillars that you have seen in your yard.

One of the fuzzy caterpillars you have seen in the past has a large brownish red colored ring around the middle of it.  This is the woolly worm.  Each of the ends on the caterpillar is going to be black.  Many people often believe that observing the woolly worm is going to help them predict the winter months that are coming ahead. 

Some people will look at the coat of the woolly worm and say that if the fur is really thick, that means that there is going to be a really long, cold winter. 

It is funny because it is like the woolly worm is wearing a heavy coat in order to prepare for a very cold winter.

Some people are even going to look at the direction the fuzzy caterpillars are heading.  Many people will say that if the fuzzy caterpillars are heading towards the south that it is going to be a rough winter. 

It is believed that the caterpillar is headed to warmer weather and they are trying to get out of the northern cold.  However, if they are headed towards the north, then it is going to be a milder winter.

fuzzy Woolly Bear Caterpillar on a gravel path

It is most important to realize that the color of density of the fuzzy caterpillars coat really has nothing to do with their ability to predict the weather.  They are really not able to do this for us.  The coats of fur that the caterpillar has is simply related to its species. 

There are hundreds of different types of fuzzy caterpillars and none of them are going to be exactly alike.  Just like humans, they are all unique.  Yes, their fur may have something to do with survival skills but it is nothing more than that.

While there are a lot of different myths that go along with fuzzy caterpillars, it is important to remember that is just that.  They are interesting to watch and they may even be a great science project for your child.

If you see one of them in your garden you can take the time to research them and help your child understand how they grow and turn into moths.  This is a wonderful and exciting way to learn about nature and the creatures around us.  You child may find the fuzzy caterpillar just as fascinating as you did when you were young.

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