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Florida Caterpillars

Florida Caterpillars

A Few Facts on Florida Caterpillars

There are more than 102 different species of butterflies in Florida and all of them were created by Florida caterpillars.  It is amazing to think about all of the different types of caterpillars and butterflies that actually exist throughout the world. 

However, to know that so many of them actually make their homes in Florida makes it even more interesting to learn about, especially if you live there and you are fascinated by them.

Some Florida caterpillars are going to turn into the red admiral butterfly.  This is a medium size butterfly that is known for the red markings on its wings.  They are often seen in the spring time and they will often spend time in your garden so that they can drink the juices from your flowers. 

Closeup of Caterpillars

They are amazing to watch.  You will most likely find them along the forest edges and near water.  If you have the opportunity to watch them, you should.  You will be amazed at their beauty.

The zebra longwing is another butterfly that is going to be created from Florida caterpillars.  You may be amazed to know that this is Florida’s state butterfly.  It has very long wings and they are going to have yellowish-white stripes on them. 

It is most often found in shady locations so you may not be able to see its beauty if your gardens are out in the open sun.  They will often live for several months.

The Miami blue butterfly is starting to decline.  It is actually on the endangered species list within the state of Florida.  When it is found in Florida, it is found in the keys.  It is important to know about these butterflies so that steps can be taken to protect them and the Florida caterpillars that will ultimately turn into these beautiful creatures. 

These butterflies are losing the coastal regions that they once called home and this has played a role in their decline.

The dun skipper has very few markings and is a brown color.  It is often found in moist areas but it can be found in gardens where it will move about quickly and low to the ground.  If you have a garden in your back yard you may notice this butterfly frequently. 

close up  caterpillar on milkweed leaf

You are not going to notice any beautiful colors on it but it will still be nice to watch and observe.  Many people simply enjoy watching them fly around as they add a little special character to your garden.

Florida caterpillars are the beautiful creatures that are responsible for the Florida butterflies.  If you are the type of individual that really enjoys watching butterflies, it may be interesting for you to take the time to learn about how they start out. 

The more you know about the caterpillars the more you will appreciate the butterfly.  Once you know which caterpillars are going to create which butterflies you can then plant gardens to attract the butterflies. 

For example, if you know that a certain type of caterpillar is found in your area, you can determine which type of butterfly it will become as well as its host plants and then build your garden to accommodate them.  This can become a great and very detailed hobby if you are interested.

It is important to remember that each caterpillar has a purpose.  Understanding what your caterpillars will become makes you appreciate them more.  Just because they look funny and slimy right now does not mean they will stay that way. 

Take the time to understand the insects and animal life in your area.  You are going to be taken back by what you learn.

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