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Fantail Doves

A Quick Guide to Fantail Doves

Fantail doves belong to the same family as the pigeon; in fact the words doves and pigeons can often be used interchangeably. This bird has many admirers and it isn’t just the dedicated bird-watcher who feels a bit of joy when seeing these delightful flying marvels. When we hear the word ‘dove’ most of us think of calm and peace, and when viewing these birds it can bring these qualities to mind. That is not to say that the doves themselves are complete pacifists and easy going; in fact these birds can be fiercely competitive and willing to protect what they see as theirs. Most people associate this type of bird with having white feathers, but they can come in different colors as well.

Fantail doves can be divided into about four kinds of fantail who not only look slightly different, but also have different capabilities. Two common varieties are the ‘garden fantails’ and the ‘exhibition fantail’. The ‘garden fantail’ is also known as the dovecote, and it’s in its element when flying around your garden or socialising in your aviary, and this is why it has got this name and is so popular. The exhibition fantail dove is best kept in your aviary because it is not such a strong flier due to its large tail; its poor flight ability can mean it can easily become a meal if left to fly free. You will also find other types of fantail that are somewhere in between the other two when it comes to the size of their fantails. If you go to a wedding you might see a dove that has not fantail at all.

If you are looking to own your own fantail doves you will want to know how to take care of them.  The good news is that they don’t really need that much doing for them. Doves like the ‘garden fantail’ can spend a lot of time outdoors, and only really need to be inside their aviary at night. When buying one of these birds it is important that you only purchase from a reputable dealer so that you know what you are getting.  Make sure that any bird you are considering buying looks well cared for and does not look sick.

Anyone purchasing fantail doves will also need to think about where they plan to keep them. The number you buy will also depend a lot on how much space you have. Having a few birds is nice for the bird as they are accustomed to being part of a flock, but this might not be so easy for you. When considering housing your fantails doves you will find that the aviary is the easiest option. If you want to give them a bit of room to fly then you will be much better considering a dovecote. These are really attractive and will look nice in your garden, but also they are great for the birds and give them a lot of freedom; the downside is that they come and go as they want and not necessarily as you want them to.

Fantail doves really are a wonderful bird to keep and having them in your back garden will likely bring a lot of pleasure. As we have already mentioned these are easy to look after, but they will still require a bit of work on your part. You will need to clean out there dovecote or aviary for one thing, and you will need to provide them with food; usually specially made pigeon corn. Buying pigeons might not seem to be as big a commitment as purchasing a dog, but you will still be taking on a bit of responsibility if you want to look after them well.

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