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Severe Macaw

The Delightful And Forever Entertaining Severe Macaw

Macaws are members of the parrot family and the Severe macaw is one of 17 different species of macaw. These species are divided into what are considered to be large macaws, smaller macaws called mini macaws, and hybrid macaws. Almost all of the species are endangered, some of them critically endangered, with the exception of the hybrid species, which are bred in captivity.

Macaws are also divided into 6 genera, with the Severe macaw belonging to what is known as the Ara genus. The Severe macaw is one of the mini macaw species; in fact it is one of the largest of the mini macaw species. Most macaws make great pets, though all of them tend to be noisy. Most of them can be trained to talk, and once trained, they will talk and talk and talk.

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A Beautiful Little Bird – Most of the members of the Ara genus are noted for their striking coloration, especially several of the larger species in the genus. The Severe macaw is not quite as spectacular as some of the others in its coloration, but is still a beautiful little bird. Macaws are characterized by having a rather broad head, a slender body, and a long tail. Mini macaws generally do not exceed 20″ in length with the Severe macaw typically being around 16″ long.

The Severe macaw is not as plentiful in the marketplace as most of the other species, but this is slowly changing as the breed is becoming more and more popular. It makes an ideal pet bird if one wants a medium sized bird, which is playful, affectionate, entertaining, and of course, somewhat noisy. The Severe macaw demands attention and will let you know if it feels it’s being ignored, but will almost always calm down once attention is given to it. These birds are usually quite easy to handle, although some of them have a tendency to become a one-person bird. Some macaws like only female humans while others like only males. Most however like both.

“Thank You” – One Severe macaw owner claims that her pet bird loves cookies, and will repeatedly ask for one, ad nauseam, until it finally gets one, at which point it always says “thank you”.

Give It Room To Spread Its Wings – If you plan on having a Severe macaw as a pet, it will need a roomy cage, even though it’s classified as a “mini” macaw. It is helpful however if the bird has ample opportunities to leave the cage and fly around the room or the house. In such a case, a somewhat smaller cage may be acceptable. The cage should be one that can be covered at night, though you can expect a noisy and excited bird, ready for breakfast, when the cover is removed each morning. Macaws eat fruit, nuts, and seeds, and will readily take to the commercial pellets that are available. The birds will also eat vegetables, with fresh corn on the cob considered to be a great favorite.

A Good Starter Pet – From all of the information that is available, it appears that the Severe macaw, if one is available, is a good starter for someone who wants a pet bird. They are a good deal noisier than a canary, and consequently may not be the best choice for an apartment dweller. Still, a bird that can talk its head off is usually popular with guests and neighbors. The Severe macaw is also a good breeder if one is interested in that sort of thing. Raising baby macaws can be a fun project, if one has the time.