The Fascinating Facts and Care Tips for the Severe Macaw: A Comprehensive Guide

Belonging to the vibrant parrot family, macaws split into 17 distinct species. They further branch out into large macaws, smaller variants referred to as mini macaws, and bespoke hybrid macaws bred in captivity. The Severe Macaw, our focus in this article, belongs to the mini macaws group, which are popular, robust, and seldom on the endangered species list.

Unraveling the Severe Macaw

Blue and yellow macaw at the beach

They are a subset of the Ara genus, known for their dazzling colorations and diverse size variations. While not as ostentatious as its larger relatives, the Severe Macaw holds its charm, famed for its broad head, slender physique, and elongated tail. The increasing marketplace visibility of this intriguing bird indicates an uptrend in its popularity as a pet choice.

Personality Traits

Hybrid harlequin macaw in flight

The Severe Macaw is an admirable attention-seeker that has no qualms demanding the attention it believes it deserves. This compact bird-type, brimming with playfulness and peppiness, promises to be a delightful family addition. Severe Macaws are known for their affability and handling ease, barring the occasional one-bird-human affinity.

Feeding and Habitat of the Severe Macaw

Blue macaw feeding nuts

The Severe Macaw’s dietary preferences comprise commercial pellets, seeds, nuts, and fruits, with a noted predilection for fresh corn-on-the-cob. Their environment is another aspect to consider. Ideally, opt for a spacious cage, but provision for free flying around the house serves as an acceptable compromise. Key points to remember are:

  • A spacious, roomy cage is optimal. Lesser cage-room can be considered if it is coupled with unrestricted flying space within the house.
  • The Severe Macaw is a fan of corn-on-the-cob and other vegetables, apart from nuts and seed varieties.
  • It showcases a preference for commercial pellets.

Life in Captivity

Beautiful military macaw up front

Unveil the morning covering, and be prepared to be greeted by an elated, noise-filled breakfast demand. Despite its mini classification, the Severe Macaw showcases a large-hearted personality and can make breakfast times thoroughly entertaining!

The Perfect First Pet – A Severe Macaw

Green macaw perched at a tree

If you’re considering a pet bird, the Severe Macaw is a fantastic choice. While it can be louder than a canary, the conversational skills it exhibits make it a crowd favorite. Despite potential initial growling, living in close quarters presents no severe problem. Its vibrant personality is a favorite among guests and neighbors alike. Plus, if breeding interests you, the Severe Macaw with its admirable breeding capabilities could become your perfect project.

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