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Endangered Dolphins

Endangered Dolphins

A Quick Overview of Endangered Dolphins

Endangered dolphins are beautiful mammals that need to be saved because they are a delight to watch.  However, if we continue to follow the same path that we are on related to the environment, many of the wonderful creatures are going to continue to go extinct and become endangered.  The following is a brief overview of some of the dolphins that are endangered and the reasons why.

It may interest you to know that there are approximately six different types of dolphins that are endangered.  Many of them are river dolphins and they are very close to being lost forever if we do not take the time to care for them properly and take care of the environment. 

Dolphin looking at the camera

This is important to remember because a dolphin does not simply become extinct.  We, as humans, have to be doing something to its environment for it to become extinct.

One problem that has resulted in endangered dolphins is fishing nets.  Dolphins can often get stuck in these nets and they may die.  They are dot able to swim freely when they are stuck in them and they may not be able to come up for air.  Another problem is the fact that many people and different countries will hunt for dolphins as a source of food. 

They may be killed so that they can be eaten.  Often times this is illegal because they are protected mammals and no one should be hunting them.  However, the ocean is a very large place and it can be very difficult to monitor this type of activity.

The next problem that needs to be addressed to help endangered dolphins is pollution.  When the oceans and rivers are polluted, it affects the very environment that houses these beautiful creatures.  They are living in the pollution and they are breathing it from the air as well.  It may be important to also keep in mind that the dolphin is towards the top of the food chain. 

Because of this, they are going to eat smaller animals that are in the water.  If these fish and such are affected by the pollution as well then the dolphins are ingesting it.  There really is no safe place for the dolphin to go.

Have you ever seen a dolphin in its natural habitat?  If you have then you know just how beautiful they really are.  This should make you want to help save the endangered dolphins from becoming extinct.  You can begin by researching why they are endangered in more detail.  This may help you find a place to start if you want to help save them. 

Dolphin above water surface

You can then look online for different groups and organizations that have been formed to work for the same cause.  It may be easier for you to work with others that are already working in this area, especially if you are new to it.

When people talk about going green you need to think of how many different areas that can actually cover.  What role do you play in the poor environment and the possible extinction of the dolphins?  As previously mentioned, this does not happen over night and it does not happen without a reason. 

Starting to recycle may be one way to begin this amazing journey.  You can also pay attention to the land around you.  Do not litter and stop if you do.  Spend time on the weekend cleaning up trash in your area and recycle what you can. 

Teach your children to care about the environment and the different ways that he or she can help save it.  You play a large role in this whether you believe it or not.  So, find out what your role is related to endangered dolphins and work towards a positive change.

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