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Crowntail Betta

All About the Crowntail Betta Fish

The Crowntail Betta fish is known for its large and complex tail, which is the key way to distinguish this fish from other Bettas. Scientists refer to this fish by its scientific name Betta splendens. Furthermore, these fish are relatively easy to care for and can be kept in a tank without a filter. Anyone going to a pet store frequently identifies these fish as the ones that are alone in the small glass bowls. A few years ago these fish were incredibly popular, becoming pets in many American households. Throughout this article we will examine all you need to know about the Crowntail Betta fish including specifics and essential care information.

Like most Betta fish, this variety can survive very well in a tank that is as small as one gallon. They are extremely peaceful in terms of their temperament, unless placed with other fish. The males are known to fight other male fish that are put in their tank, including other Betta fish. It is therefore always recommended that you keep these fish alone. In terms of color, they can be a variety of different hues; however, blue and red are the most common. Generally they grow to approximately three inches long.

When caring for the Crowntail Betta fish it is important to understand the recommended water temperature as well as pH levels. These fish do best in temperatures that are anywhere between seventy-five and eight-six degrees Fahrenheit. In terms of pH, they prefer anything between six and eight.

Contrary to popular belief, the females may actually be just as colorful as the males; however, their fins tend to be shorter in length. As discussed briefly above, males should not be placed within the same tank since they are very likely to fight. However, you could try to have two female fish within the same tank, but do so with careful attention to their behavior for the first few days. Furthermore, do not place these fish in tanks with any other type of fish that is not recommended by those at your local pet store. Their fins are very susceptible to being eaten by other fish, while the Bettas are also known for feeding off of smaller species.

Anyone wishing to add a Betta fish to their household should be sure to include a variety of different plants and décor in their aquarium; these objects allow the Betta fish for adequate hiding places, which they prefer. The Crowntail Betta fish is also a carnivore and therefore should be given appropriate Betta flakes. Ask your local pet store host for other appropriate foods if you wish to go beyond simply feeding flakes. Sometimes frozen worms are recommended.

It is essential to note that even in a one-gallon tank you will have to change the water every three to four days. Obviously, the larger the tank the more time that can elapse between changes. Do not keep your pet in the small bowl that it is sold to you in from the pet store. This makes the fish more susceptible to diseases, unhappiness, and an earlier death. Be sure to purchase water conditioner and a tank heater if the water is unable to stay at the recommended temperature described above.

In conclusion, Crowntail Betta fish are extremely beautiful and make a great relatively low-maintenance household pet. However, it is important to understand that these fish must be in a tank that is at least one gallon in size with a variety of plants and décor. Merely keeping this fish in a small bowl is very unhealthy for your pet. Anyone wishing to purchase one of these beautiful, colorful fish should visit your local pet store today!

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