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Chinchilla Cats

A Quick Guide to Chinchilla Cats

Chinchilla cats are part of the Persian cat family, and are classed as a silver cat. This type of Persian cat needs to be groomed on a daily basis, especially when they are in full coat during the winter months. It may not be necessary to groom them quite as often when they do not have a full coat.

Grooming is an important element to keeping Chinchilla cats looking beautiful, and the process isn’t difficult at all. To groom the Chinchilla simply brush them on a daily basis, and this can be done while you are sitting back relaxing, watching movies, etc.

The undercoat of Chinchilla cats is white, most of the rest of the cat’s coat should be black tipped; it is this particular characteristic that gives the Chinchilla its unique appearance. Aside from the undercoat, the other areas of the cat’s coat that should be white include the ear tufts and chin. Nowhere on the cat’s coat should there be any brown or cream coloring, if there is then this would be considered a fault in the genetics of that cat.

Aside from the coat, other characteristics of Chinchilla cats that you should be aware of if you are searching for a new pet is eye color, and the nose. A chinchilla of good quality breeding should also have an eye color of either green, or blue – green. You will also want to pay attention to the cat’s nose; the coloring of the nose should be a brick tinged red, and there should be a black outlining as well.

Chinchilla cats have a quiet and gentle nature that many people find attractive. This breed of cat is good for just about anyone who loves cats. Of course the Chinchilla and small children may not mix well as children tend to be a little rough on animals and these types of cats like gentle attention.

If you are looking for a cat that doesn’t care to roam a lot you will definitely like this breed of Persian. The Chinchilla cats tend to like to stick around the house and seem to have little need to roam. In addition to this, if you don’t like your cats into everything there is far less chance of that behavior with the Chinchilla.

These gentle cats do like a lot of attention, but in return you can be sure that your cat will be very affectionate toward you, as the Chinchilla is known for loving their owners. In most cases this cat is a one owner cat, although they tend to be gentle with everyone, they will definitely favor one person, usually the person that takes care of them and shows them a lot of attention.

Those that are considering one of these animals as a pet should be aware that Chinchilla cats are known to shed a great deal. Due to the fact that this cat likes to spend most of its time indoors, they are great pets if you live in an apartment, but because they shed a great deal you should be prepared to deal with this also.

Daily grooming will help to control the shedding of hair throughout your house or apartment, but it won’t control it completely. For this reason, if you are a person that does not like animal hair in your home, you may want to reconsider making one of these cats your pet.

There is no doubt that if you are looking for a Persian breed that is both beautiful and gentle, Chinchilla cats are a great choice, but they do require a lot of love and attention. If you can give your new pet the love and attention he or she needs, you’ll have a devoted companion for many years to come.

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