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Canadian Nightcrawlers

Getting and Using Canadian Nightcrawlers for Fishing

As most experienced sports anglers know, Canadian nightcrawlers are the best type of bait to use for fishing.  The Canadian nightcrawler is a big chunky worm—much bigger than its American cousin is—and fish love to gobble up these nice chewy meals.  Therefore, if you really want to entice the fish to bite, you might consider getting these nice big nightcrawlers.

The Basics about Canadian Nightcrawlers

As their name indicates, Canadian nightcrawlers largely originate in Canada (the Ontario region).  However, many of these nightcrawlers also come from the Appalachian Mountains where determined worm hunters seek them out in the night.  Nightcrawlers are very appropriately named since it is only deep into the night that they surface from their dirt homes to go in search of food.  This is thus the prime moment for catching them.

We aren’t kidding when we say that the Canadian nightcrawler is a large worm.  These creepy crawlers have been known to grow to more than a foot in length.  This amazing size can make them great for sports fishermen.  Canadian nightcrawlers are easy to hook on their meaty bodies, and they got some real fight in them, so even after you have speared them, this nightcrawlers are likely to continue to dance for a while before they go limp.  This means you need not shake your line at first and that if your target fish is in the area where you dropped your hook you might get it right away.

Several fish love Canadian nightcrawlers, including carp, catfish, certain bass, sunfish, trout, and walleye.

Finding and Caring for Nightcrawlers

You don’t have to go to Canada to get these nightcrawlers.  Many bait stores carry them.  You want to make sure that you have a nice cool container filled with cool dirt to help keep your nightcrawlers fresh and lively.

An old coffee tin is often the favorite nightcrawler container for fishermen.  You want to make sure that you have a nice container filled with cool dirt to help keep your nightcrawlers fresh and lively.  An old coffee tin is often the favorite for fishermen.  Be sure to keep this tin somewhere cool and shady as Canadian nightcrawlers are particularly sensitive to temperatures above about 70.  Although you can still use dead nightcrawlers, they are much more affective while they are wiggling about.

If you decide to raise your own nightcrawlers, this will require a little more effort on your part.  This is how you do it.  Either you buy Canadian nightcrawlers online or you get them at a local store.  (Wal-Mart is one place that often carries nightcrawlers.)  When you get the nightcrawlers home, you should place them in a container in your refrigerator with dirt already placed inside.  The nightcrawlers like a cool temperature so make sure to keep them around 60 degrees and never to let them go too far above this temperature.  If you are going to err, do it on the side of too cold rather than too warm.  Canadian nightcrawlers really don’t do well in heat.

Keep the soil moist but be sure not to drown your nightcrawlers.  You should feed your nightcrawlers every other day as well.  They eat a variety of foods, including leaves of lettuce and other vegetables.  They like fruits and fruit skins and you might consider giving them the coffee grounds from you morning coffee.

Be sure however that you don’t leave these scraps in for too long or they can start rot and make your worms sick.

If you follow these instructions, you are likely to have good success fishing with large Canadian nightcrawlers.