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Bobcat Kitten


What You Need to Know When Considering the Purchase of a Bobcat Kitten

Many people may think that it would be really cool to get a bobcat kitten, but there are many factors to consider before making such a decision. Considered an exotic feline, it is illegal in some states to own such a creature.  If your state is one that allows bobcats to be kept as pets, here are some things you should know before bringing one into your home.

Not Just a Big Cat

Because bobcat kittens look very similar to domestic housecats, it is easy to see why those seeking a unique pet would not hesitate to bring one of these creatures into their home. But the fact is that these are NOT just a bigger version of a housecat. Bobcats have different needs – and come with a different set of challenges – than housecats.


While your housecat will be content to munch on dry or wet cat food from the grocery store, a bobcat kitten has far different needs. A typical diet that must be provided by the owner of a bobcat includes meat such as whole chickens and beef. Also, you will need to supply them with a nutritional supplement to make up for the nutrients that they would normally get if they were hunting for their food.

The cost of feeding a bobcat, kitten and adult versions, is greater than the cost of feeding a domestic housecat. This is true both because of the quantity of food required and the type of food.


When you look at an adorable little bobcat kitten, it might be hard to believe that within a year that kitten will stand about two feet tall and weigh over 20 pounds.  Of course, the big size is one of the reasons that many people think it would be so great to own one of these creatures. But you also need to give some thought to what that large size means.

Most cat owners know that when a cat sprays it leaves behind a very unpleasant owner. Well, bobcats spray. They spray a lot more than a domestic housecat, and if you keep one as a pet, your home is going to be his territory, and he is going to spend plenty of time marking it.

Outdoor Needs

A bobcat kitten cannot thrive being kept indoors all of the time. They will need a large outdoor enclosure where they can spend plenty of time enjoying the sun and the rain. Ideally, they will be able to go outside at will via a doggy door. That way, you will not need to worry about finding room for an oversized litter box in your home.


Bobcat kittens that are kept as pets can live up to 20 years. It is important to note that they quickly bond with their owners and do not do well when they are passed around.  You should not adopt or purchase a bobcat kitten unless you are ready to make a lifelong commitment to the animal.

Vet Care

Vet care for an exotic feline, such as a bobcat kitten, is not only rather difficult to find, but it is more expensive than similar care for a domestic cat. You will want to find a vet who is experienced with exotics, and you certainly need to consider the potentially high cost for such care as you consider keeping a bobcat as a pet.

Many people find that bobcats make wonderful pets.  Just be sure to consider all of the pros and cons before making a decision and remember that once made, that decision is for life.

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