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Biggest Horse

The World’s Biggest Horse

In 2008 the world’s biggest horse was named Digger.  He was four years old at the time and he was as large as 19 hands and two inches.  He was a Clydesdale horse and was amazing to look at.  This article will talk more about Digger and his size so if you are interested in learning more about him, keep reading!

Digger weighed 1,980 pounds and he was known to eat three times more than a normal horse.  He would drink between 20 and 25 gallons of water each day in order to wash all of his food down.  This is a lot of water to us but to the biggest horse it was probably nothing.  His water intake was not all that was large.  He could eat approximately 55 pounds of food each day and would eat a four foot bale of hay within a two day time frame.  That is amazing!

The world’s biggest horse needs to remain warm at night so he was covered with a blanket that was almost 8 feet long.  This would help keep him comfortable as he tried to sleep.  Digger also needed to have a special truck move him around.  This was to be expected if you look at a normal trailer used to move horses. It is obvious that he would not fit in one of those very comfortably.

The world’s biggest horse may change from time to time because new horses are born every day and they all grow at their own rates.  However, if you want to look at breeds of horses that become very large you can always research the Clydesdale horses.  These horses are very large and they are often used to help farmers out in the fields.  They are great horses to have around when you need help in the fields.  They have a lot of power and they often live to be approximately 25 years old.  That is a long time to have an unpaid employee on your farm.

If you are considering raising a horse that may one day be the world’s biggest horse you need to keep a few things in mind.  You need to be sure that you are able to care for this horse when it becomes larger.  It may be easy to care for the horse when it is a pony but you need to remember that it will not stay that way forever.  You should do some research on the size of horses, especially Clydesdales, so that you know if you can actually afford to feed the horse properly.  You should also consider any health problems that may present themselves once your horse becomes a certain size.  If you have other animals around you need to think of them as well.  Is this horse going to get along with other animals?  You do not want this animal to harm any of your other animals.  You should also consider any children that may be around the horse as well.  While having the world’s biggest horse may be an amazing accomplishment, you want to make sure that everyone involved is safe.

If you begin searching for information on the world’s biggest horse you may find a lot of conflicting information related to regions of the world and different locations.  However, there are a lot of very large horses out there that do deserve to be recognized.  Take your time and read up on each one of them.  If you are interested in owning one of these monsters make sure that you can handle it and give it the love and attention that it deserves.

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