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Falabella Pony

Basic Information on the Falabella Pony

Many people are fascinated by the falabella pony and this is because of its size.  This pony is one of the smallest breeds of horses that are known to man.  This makes them unique and interesting to learn about.  Another interesting fact is that they are not very common.  This breed of horse is really rather rare as there are only a few thousand of these horses that actually exist.  Even though it is called a pony, it is actually a full grown horse.  This article will look at a few more interesting facts related to this horse and its breed.

The average size of the falabella pony is only approximately 34 inches tall when they have reached their fullest growth.  If you have ever seen one of these horses you probably know that they have a very sleek coat and they also look very smooth.  When compared to a normal size horse, the falabella pony does tend to have a larger head and its neck is relatively stout.  However, many of the horses other features are very similar to that of a regular horse.

You may be wondering about the use of the falabella pony.  Because of its size, it may not be the best horse to purchase if you are interested in learning to ride.  If you are interested in purchasing this pony for a very small child then it would be ok to let them ride the pony.  However, older children and adults should not ride this horse because you could harm it.  Many people will train this horse to drive a chart.  They are very good at this task.  This pony is also very easy to train.  It may be a wonderful project for young children in 4-H and other farm organizations because they are easy to work with.  This may help build confidence for the child before he or she moves onto a larger horse.

If you are interested in owning a falabella pony you need to make sure that you research them first.  You want to fully understand what you will need to care for this horse.  This will help ensure that you are actually able to care for the horse before you purchase it.  You also want to identify the different colors that these horses come in. This will help you determine which color you would like to have.

It is always important to fully understand the animal you are purchasing.  Horses have personalities just like humans do.  Therefore, you will want to spend some time with the horse before you actually buy it.  You will want to make sure that you can get along with the horse and make sure that you will be happy with one another.  This is definitely something to consider if you are buying this horse for a small child.  Even though the horse is small, it is still strong and powerful.  It is best to let your child meet the horse as well so that you know how the horse will react to your child.  It is best to be safe and make sure that they are going to like each other before you spend the money.

The American Miniature Horse Association would be a great place to start researching this animal.  This website will be able to help you learn about requirements related to the horses and different ways to have your horse registered.  This site may also give you information on area breeders and help you find the perfect horse for you.  With a little bit of effort you are sure to find the horse that is best for you.

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