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Bat Deterrent

Options for an Effective Bat Deterrent

In the wild, bats are harmless as long as they are left alone but when bats start hanging around the home, it would be important to use an effective bat deterrent for a number of reasons.  Keep in mind that bats are unfortunately a very misunderstood animal that play an important part of the ecosystem.  For this reason, when trying to get rid of bats the best solution is always one that protects the bats while getting them away from the home.

For starters, we wanted to talk about the reasons using an effective bat deterrent would be important, followed by actual solutions that work and are safe for the bats.  Remember, these creatures can enter an attic through a very small hole so it would be essential to block off any potential openings, which would prevent a bat infestation and control return of bats.

  • Dead Bats – If one or more bats were to die inside your attic, you can only imagine the foul odor.  Of course, if the bats set up home in the summer and this were to happen, the stench would be horrific.
  • Guano – The poop of bats is called guano, which has a very distinct, foul odor.  As bats enter the attic, both guano and urine would quickly accumulate.  Not only is this smelly but also unsanitary.
  • Disease – Very few bats actually have rabies as some people report.  However, because risk does exist, especially for unsuspecting smaller children and pets, using an effective bat deterrent would be vital.  Along with the risk of rabies, a serious respiratory disease called Histoplasmosis would also be a potential problem.  In this case, the elderly, small children, and anyone already struggling with an illness that causes weakness would be at the greatest risk.  This comes from airborne spores emitted from fungus that grows in the guano.

Okay, you can see why a bat deterrent is so important so now comes the time to choose the best one.

  • Ultrasonic Bat Deterrent – The first recommendation would be using an ultrasonic device, which could be purchased from home improvement stores, gardening centers, hardware stores, or online.  Because bats use only ultrasonic sounds they can hear, by blocking sound bats have no choice but to move on so they can keep in touch with one another.
  • Bat House – If the bats have not entered the home but like to hang out close to it, you might consider a bat deterrent in the form of a bat house.  With this, you would place the house away from the home, encouraging the creatures to build their home in the bat house instead of your house.
  • Shiny Objects – Another effective bat deterrent if you have bats roosting on the home’s roof, near a barn, or outbuilding would be to hang something shiny that would make the resting area less attractive.  For instance, a windsock, chimes, or even a piece of fabric that would be swayed by a breeze would work well.
  • Professional Help – If the bat problem had already involved multiple creatures living in your attic, unless using a deadly chemical sold specifically to kill them, it may be time to call in a professional.  Look for a pest control company, one that has experience in using some type of non-lethal bat deterrent.

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