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Biggest Bat


The World’s Biggest Bat

The biggest bat, fruit bat that is, that you are going to find is the P. vampyrus bat.  This species of the fruit bat is going to have a six inch wing span and it is found in western Malaysia and south-east Asia.  This bat is often hunted as a sport in these areas.  This is harming the bat population and can result in them becoming extinct in the next few years if they are not cared for.

The biggest bat is very fast as it can fly at a speed of 60 kilometers at night.  It will fly throughout most of the night looking for food.  They are known to fly hundreds of miles at a time to go to different roosts where they will sleep during the day.  Along with hunting, they are also very good at helping pollinate the rainforests where they can be found.  These are things that need to be taken into consideration when people are making the decision to hunt them.

The biggest bat may also be called a flying fox and there are actually 16 sub species of this bat.  When it becomes pregnant it will remain that way for 120 to 180 days.  It is going to give birth to just one baby bat and that bat is often called a pup.  When these bats become full grown they may weigh approximately two to two and one half pounds.

It is interesting to know that the biggest bat can often eat at least half of its body weight in food and it can live for almost 30 years if its living conditions are not harmed by human predators.  This is a long life for a bat and they can actually help the environment if they are left alone.  They will often live on fruit and parts of plants as they fly around and make their way through the night.

There are a few places that have taken the biggest bat under their wings, so to speak.  These locations have become dedicated to helping preserve the p. vampyrus and they understand the importance of helping them survive.  While many people are hunting the bat and trying to kill it for meat and trophy, these locations are helping them breed and survive.

It is sad to know that such large and beautiful creatures are just one other animal that may become extinct because of the human population.  It is important to spend time researching these animals in order to better understand how they may be able to help us.  There are several benefits to every creature in the world.  When we become so stuck in our own ways that we forget how they help us, we take the chance of harming them.  We need to be very active and become advocates for the biggest bat.  We want to be able to tell our children about them and help them survive.

Find out about what laws are on the table to help preserve the biggest bat.  Take the time to become passionate about it and make the effort to help them survive and live.  We often make choices that do not consider the wildlife around us.  It happens everyday when we destroy the forests and pollute our water sources.  However, when we simply start killing the biggest bat for game, someone needs to step in.  If you want something to be passionate about, start educating yourself about the bats.  Find out what positive things these bats contribute to the rain forest and then go from there.  Gather your facts and fight for the biggest bat.

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