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What Do Tigers Eat


All About “What do Tigers Eat?”

Many people around the world seek to answer the question “what do tigers eat?” Some people are tempted to believe that White Siberian Tigers have a different diet than your traditional tiger due to their diverse appearance. Despite the temptation to come to this conclusion, all tigers typically eat the same types of foods. Throughout this article we will explore all you need to know to answer the common question of “what do tigers eat?”

These animals are definitely carnivores, which mean they prefer to eat meat. As one would expect those within the wild hunt and kill other wild animals as a source of food. However, ones held in captivity, such as in a zoo, may have other dietary options at the zookeeper’s discretion.

In the wild when answering the question “what do tigers eat?” one must understand that this will vary depending on where they live and the surrounding animals. Generally these tigers will eat anything from deer to boars. If antelope is around these are also frequently hunted for food. Believe it or not, tigers even eat other native African animals such as elephants and rhinoceros that are still relatively young. Other commonly consumed animals include buffaloes, camels, monkeys, and hares. Furthermore, these tigers will even eat domestic animals such as cows, dogs, and donkeys if given the opportunity. Some may often eat lizards, snakes, frogs, crabs, fish, and even porcupines. Even though they are carnivores, they do occasionally eat fruits and possibly even grass from time to time.

It is important to know that tigers are incredibly fast and tend to race at their intended prey at a maximum velocity. From there they actually jump at the victim and bite the throat for an immediate kill. This attack method successfully allows tigers to feed off of animals that are relatively large in size. However, when seeking after smaller animals, the tiger generally bites the back of their neck to immobilize them. Although this sounds extremely graphic, it is essential to understand that it is all part of the animal kingdom and the circle of life. Furthermore, contrary to popular belief, tigers do not generally hunt out humans as prey. The only tigers that tend to attack humans are ones that are extremely old and unable to get faster moving animals and those that feel threatened by the presence of humans (the latter is more common). This obviously does not mean that it is safe to try to play with or even approach these carnivores without an expert nearby.

Also in answering the question “what do tigers eat?” it is necessary to consider the amount of food consumed. If the animal they stalk and kill is relatively large in size, it can be used for food for multiple meals. In general, these wild animals tend to eat somewhere around forty pounds of food a day; however, they can eat up to almost twice that amount in one meal on occasions. When the tiger eats an excessive amount at once he or she may avoid the next meal or two.

In conclusion, when addressing the issue of “what do tigers eat?” one must consider the location of the tiger and the available prey that is located nearby. Although tigers generally prefer boar and deer, they will eat animals that are much larger or smaller in size if needed. These tigers are extremely fast and sneak up on their prey and then make a very quick attack. Attacks on larger animals are not always successful, but when they are the tiger can feed off it for several meals. However, in the absence of meat, these wild animals will consume grass and fruits in the wild.

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