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What Do Seagulls Eat

What Do Seagulls Eat

What Do Seagulls Eat Everyday?

If you live by a large area of water you may want to know what do seagulls eat. These birds are white in color and have a gray or black coloring on each of their wings. But baby seagulls are an all over brown or gray color. They live off of costal areas, on beaches and can be found at many dump sites.

They can also be found flying over the open ocean. Although they do prefer to be in these areas, they will go where ever they can find food.

Close up view of white bird seagull

When seagulls nest they will find a quiet island or mountain side to keep their babies. They are very protective of their young and they do not let them leave their protected area until they are at least six months old. This is why baby seagulls are rarely seen around people.

Although you can find flocks of seagulls almost any where, they prefer to be away from humans. This is why keeping a seagull as a pet is a bad idea. They are used to being in a flock and it is considered cruel to lock them up in a cage, for any amount of time. In some places this can also be illegal. So it is a good idea to simply feed the bird and let it go on its way.

When asking the question what do seagulls eat, the answer is almost anything. They are scavengers and this is why you can find them at most places where garbage is dumped. They will go through it looking for anything to eat and will flock to any area where food is offered.

This is why they frequent beaches and other places where there are a lot of people, to try and find some kind of food source.

To find out what do seagulls eat, depends on where they are. If they are around people it can be anything. They eat discarded fast food, bread, garbage and what ever a human decides to throw their way. If they are flying over ocean water or on a deserted beach, they may go for a water rat or shellfish.

Anything small type of creature that is easily attainable from the beach or water is fair game for seagulls. So the question may no longer be what do seagulls eat but rather how much should you feed a seagull. It isn’t a good idea to separate a seagull from its flock or try to keep it as a pet.

But you can chose a few of the seagulls and keep them coming back to your property. But you should never feed them too much. This can attract too many seagulls and they can do damage to your property and car.

If a seagull finds a food source he will return to it every day if he can. The best way to figure out what do seagulls eat is to try foods out. Usually they will not refuse anything but there are foods that they like more than others.

You can use breads or cereals to feed seagulls but perhaps their favorite foods are from the ocean. Small minnows or other fish are perfect for these birds but they may be too expensive to feed them everyday. Instead you can purchase scrap seafood from your grocer’s freezer section.

This scrap seafood contains things like small shrimp, clams, squid and catfish. It is not expensive and you should only feed smaller amounts of it to the birds.

If you love seagulls and want them on your property simply feed them small amounts of food everyday to keep them coming back.

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