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Unicorn Facts

Peculiar Unicorn Facts

Every child enjoys fables and stories that feature unicorns, but who would have thought that this fantasy animal has entire descriptions and lists of unicorn facts? Read on to find out things that you did not know about your childhood favorite!

Unicorn Facts – Appearance

Unicorns are portrayed as horse or sometimes as goat with a horn on the forehead. Very often the unicorn is not a normal horse but has certain features that are unique such as spilt hooves or a lion’s tale. In Chinese mythology the unicorn is called ‘Qilin’ and resembles an ox rather than a horse. The color of the fur varies from story to story; sometimes it is described as pure white and often enough it has all the colors of the rainbow.

Very similar to a Pegasus, unicorns are sometimes given wings and can fly!

Unicorn Facts – Origin

In 2008, a unicorn was spotted in a national park in Tuscany where researchers found a deer with only one horn. This discovery lead to the conclusion that there may have been deer and harts in prehistoric times that had only one horn- thus, they may have been the creative basis for the unicorn myth. In fact, researchers believe that the origins of the unicorn date back many pre-Christian centuries where people used to tie the horns of goats and cows together as part of a cult or for aesthetic reasons. It is believed that over time the animals have started to grow only one thick horn- as a form of mutation if you like. Referring back to goats and cows would also explain the spilt hooves and the lion’s tale which are attributes found in these animals rather than in horses.

But there are different theories and there are clearly no ‘unicorn facts’ in terms of origin. Some people believe that an ancient Roman expedition lead soldiers to Africa where they discovered rhinos. Since they only had one horn they were called ‘unicornus’ (which literally means ‘one horn’). Europeans at the time where certainly not familiar with African flora and fauna, and the travellers described the rhino as an animal which is as fast as a horse but has a horn on the nose. Over time this description has simply settled as ‘horse with a horn’.

Unicorn Facts – The Horn & Magic

The unicorn’s horn is wound around itself and has a sharp end. It is supposed to be white and can reach a length of up to half a meter. The unicorn uses the horn as primary defence against dragons and other enemies, and the horn has a special magic that can raise the death. While the horn takes years to grow, it can also break and it takes up to 10 years to grow back. Apart from that the horn is believed to have many healing effects, such as neutralising poison. Furthermore, the unicorn’s tears can heal somebody who has been turned to stone. People who drink the unicorn’s blood will live forever, but in return they will lead an eternal miserable life. In some stories unicorns have turned deserts into flowering oasis by simply crossing the deserted territory.

These myths are the reason why there are actual pharmacies today that are called ‘unicorn pharmacy’.

Unicorn Facts- Natural Environment

Unicorns are supposed to be loners that live in forests where they are protected. It is said that forests with unicorn have stunning flowers and beautiful animals – they are simply better than average forests. The only condition is that the forest has a lake so that the narcissistic unicorn can admire its mirror image.

A unicorn will never leave its forest and ensure that the season is always spring. Some stories speak of unicorns that live in caves or under water, but they are commonly known as nature loving forest inhabitants.

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