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Types Of Moths


The Different Types Of Moths

If you have ever seen the different types of moths that exists you have probably thought that they look a lot like a butterfly.  However, you should remember that you can tell the difference between a moth and a butterfly because most moths will come out at night.  Some of them are even considered to be pests rather than being looked at as beautiful like a butterfly.

The largest types of moths in the world are atlas moths.  However, the moth that has the largest wingspan is the white witch moth.  One certain type of moth has been known to make appearances in movies and art as well.  This is the death’s-head hawkmoth and it is often associated with the supernatural and evil.  The peppered moth has made its way into the scientific community and it was the focus of a very well known evolution study.

While some moths have made their mark on history, others have been known to be a nightmare to humans and the agricultural community.  The gypsy moth can damage hardwood trees throughout North America and this can become a problem.  The codling moth will also damage trees such as apple, pear, and walnut.  Another problem that some moths create is the fact that they eat your clothes.  However, some moths are farmed.  An example of these types of moths includes the silkworm.  It is farmed because it produces silk in their cocoons and that is what the farmers want.  Other types of moths that are farmed for their silk include the Chinese oak silkmoth and the Japanese silk moth.

The Luna moth is a lime green insect that frequents North America, Mexico and Canada.  The emperor gum moth is found in Australia.  These moths are interesting because as they are still caterpillars they will change colors as they mature.  This is because they shed their skin.  This takes place in five different stages.   The grease moth will often eat the grease that is left by bacteria the feeds on things that are decaying.  These types of moths may be found in your home in the kitchen or in areas where food is stored such as a pantry.

Because there are so many different types of moths you may be wondering what types you have in and around your home.  You can always research them online or in your local library.  You may also be wondering how to get rid of these flying insects if you have a large population of them.  You can begin by regulating the humidity in the rooms that tend to get moths the most.  This is especially true if you have them in your closets where you have clothes.  You can simply set a dehumidifier in the location where the moths are and set it on extra dry to help keep them away.  You may also want to try high sodium pressure lights because these attract less moths and bugs.  Replacing your screen doors with glass can also help.  Ironing your clothes will also kill any larvae that the moths enjoy feasting on so you could try this as well.  If you are dealing with a moth that enjoys eating scraps of food you can also clean your pantry very well.  Be sure to remove things and clean under and behind shelves as well because some moths can survive on even the smallest food scraps.  Run the vacuum well so that all food particles are cleaned up and wash down walls if necessary.  If you have attempted all of these things and nothing is helping your situation you might want to consider calling in a professional to help you find a solution to this problem.