Unveiling the Untold Reality of Keeping Pet Penguins

Discovering the Truth About Pet Penguins

Big King penguin going to blue water

Envision having a pet penguin – unusual, isn’t it? The allure of unusual pets extends beyond just penguins. From exotic monkeys to captivating bears, many wild creatures have been considered for domestication. Yet, this practice is primarily unlawful globally, especially for our tuxedo-clad friends. In this piece, we’ll reveal why penguins aren’t best suited for home environments and discuss which penguin species are often desired as pets.

Most people link penguins with the icy landscapes of Antarctica. Needless to say, keeping an Antarctic penguin in more temperate climates would be challenging.

What Penguins Are Considered for Pets?

penguin jumping between two ice floes

Say hello to the preferred option – the African Penguin, or Spheniscus demersus as scientists know it. These unique creatures inhabit the African coast and surrounding islands. Penguins in milder climates situate in the southern portion of South America.

Measuring approximately two feet and weighing 4-11 pounds, these black-striped and spotted birds are quite remarkable. Predictably, male penguins tend to be larger than their female counterparts.

Surprising Facts About Penguins

  • Penguins are social creatures. They travel in flocks and need attention.
  • The peculiar diet of penguins consists of a fresh supply of fish along with requisite vitamins and nutritional supplements.
  • Penguins necessitate specific care and an exotic veterinarian to tend to their needs.
  • Keeping penguins involves maintaining the right environment, temperature, and vegetation.

Why is Penguin Care so Complicated?

Big King penguin jumps out of the blue water

Penguins are high maintenance creatures. Ensuring a decent environment of salt water for these birds is an indispensable requirement. They are unsuitable for frequent travellers, as penguins can’t be left with neighbours or in an outdoor kennel.

Be Aware of The Reality


Are you ready to swim through an endless sea of necessary permits and face recurring inspections? Do you have the capacity to supply fish and essential vitamins constantly? If not, it might be time to rethink your choices.

Conclusion: Unveiling the Untold Reality

Girl feeding migratory birds in the river during winter

High maintenance, susceptible to diseases, and a profound need for socialization – from these aspects, it’s clear that having pet penguins is not advisable.. These majestic creatures are experts at living in the wild, not in homes. Classifying penguins as pets is a tricky affair – one that’s also illegal in most regions..

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