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Sheltie Pups


Activities for Sheltie Pups

Sheltie pups were once bred in order to help herd sheep from different pastures and to keep the sheep out of gardens.  Today they are owned by many and it is no wonder why.  These dogs are very loving and they aim to please their masters.  They may not work as hard as they use to when they were first discovered as many people love loafing on the couch with their dogs.  However, it is very important to remember that they still enjoy getting out an active.  This is also very important in order to keep your dog healthy and happy.  Exercise is always a good thing and it should be a regular part of your day.

Your sheltie pups may enjoy simply playing in your back yard.  It is recommended that you spend approximately 20 minutes a day playing outside.  You can always purchase cheap toys like balls and ropes and play a simple game of fetch.  This is easy to do and it keeps your dog healthy and happy.

He or she may also enjoy it if you spend time training them proper manners and obedience.  This will make both you and your sheltie pups happy because they are going to learn how to get what they want with positive reinforcement.  You may also want to consider teaching your dog different agility skills.  This would include things like tunnels, jumps and weaves.  Your dog would love this because it is a lot of different activities.

Flyball can be considered if you think your dog would be able to learn to jump hurdles. Your sheltie pups would love bringing a ball back to you and receiving praise for a job well done.   You want to make sure that your dog is trained properly in order to avoid injury.  Be sure to read up on this sport before you begin training your dog because you want to learn how to train him or her properly.  There is no sense in training your dog with improper techniques because it is just going to be harder to retrain your sheltie pups later.

The AKC has many different activities that your dog can learn and compete in.  However, just because these are discussed in a competition manner does not mean that they cannot be utilized by you in a friendly, fun loving manner at home.  Your dog is going to love the exercise and the time that you spend with him or her.  Training your dog can be wonderful way to provide them with the exercise that he or she needs and it is also a great way to spend time bonding with your animal.  You may even find out that your dog is really good in a certain sport and you may want to consider entering them into a competition.

Remember that if you are going to consider moving from play to competition, the AKC does have rules and regulations that are going to need to be met when you enter your dog.  If you sheltie pups that you are beginning to train, be sure to check out the specifications for this dog breed.  You may find that there are height and weight requirements.  They may even have deadlines that need to be met.  On the other hand, if you are just looking for quality time and exercise be sure to research fun things that you can do with your dog.  This will keep you and your dogs happy.  We get bored lying around the house all day long.  What makes you think that your dog does not feel the same way sometimes?