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Seahorses As Pets


Keeping Seahorses As Pets

One of the most popular new ideas for the aquarium is keeping seahorses as pets. Seahorses are members of the syngnathidae family and in the wild they thrive in tropical waters. They are tiny fish that resemble a horse in the face and they have a crocodile formed body. They have long tails to help them with balance and they can coil these tails around sea plants. Because they are so unusual people choose to keep seahorses as pets.

Another interesting thing about seahorses is that the male actually is the one to be impregnated and has to carry the offspring. He keeps the eggs in a brood pouch and when it is time to give birth the babies come out of the tail. He tends to the tiny babies until they are old enough and then they are on their own. Although seahorses do have monogamous partners, they rarely live in families with off spring.

If you are thinking about keeping seahorses as pets you must also think about what they need to thrive and live. They cannot be kept in a regular type aquarium and need their own to survive. You should also never keep seahorses as pets that have been formerly living in the wild. Seahorses should be purchased by a reputable dealer and raised in an aquarium setting. Otherwise the fish may have dangerous parasites that can spread to the other tank life.

To raise seahorses as pets you will need to purchase a glass aquarium. You will also need to buy a form of sea water from the pet store. The seahorses also need salinity so a hydrometer is needed to make sure the gravity and salinity is at a normal level.

You will need to have a proper filtration system. Most pet stores sell these specifically for seahorse aquariums. The seashores need this specific type of filter to thrive and if you are planning on keeping more than a few seahorses, it is imperative to have. An under the gravel filter and a canister filter filled with media is the best type of filtration system. It helps to keep the water perfect for the seahorses.

Seahorses need a cover for their aquarium as well as a fluorescent light. The light helps the plant life with in the tank to grow. It also aids the seahorses when they are hunting food in the tank and promotes the growth of algae. It releases oxygen into the water and removes carbon dioxide.

Plant life is important in the seahorse aquarium. It promotes a healthy environment for the fish and provides nutrients and food for the aquarium. Algae’s can neutralize metals and correct PH levels. If you want plant life that is interesting to look at you can choose a mermaids fan plant. It reduces excess nutrients and phosphorus levels. If you are unsure about what plants to use for your seahorse aquarium you can ask at the pet store for some good examples of what to use.

Seahorses eat brine shrimp and other tiny fish. They like to hunt for their food, so they may not like dried or frozen food. To have a constant supply of these types of fish you probably should purchase a separate small aquarium to keep the seahorse food in. This way your supply is always fresh and it can always reproduce with in the aquarium so you can have a close to never ending supply of food. Taking care of the fish that are to be fed to the seahorses can save money and time. You will not have to run to the pet store every few days to get food.

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