Setting up the Perfect Quail Cage: A Complete Guide for Beginners

Building a quail cage may not be as daunting as it seems. The goal is to create a home where these delightful birds can thrive.

Whether you want to house them for pleasure or for more utilitarian reasons such as egg or meat production, there’s a suitable design that will meet your needs. Be it a cage for a pair of quails or for a larger flock, there’s a solution for every scenario.

Understanding the Basics

Fresh quail cages are arranged in stages with a place to feed and drink
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When it comes to quail rearing, it’s essential to recognize their unique needs. Regarded as wildlife rather than domestic animals, there might be particular stipulations regarding housing these creatures.

Thus, you must familiarize yourself with local regulations and zoning laws. Additionally, consult with your state’s game, fish, or wildlife department to understand if specific permits are required.

The Ideal Quail Cage

Quails in cages at the poultry farm
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The ideal quail cage balances sufficient space and proper hygiene. A cage’s size can range from one square foot per bird to a larger configuration, depending on the number of quails.

However, always prioritize comfort, cleanliness, and access to food and water. For instance, a wire mesh floor is a vital inclusion. It maintains cleanliness and eliminates the chances of quails ingesting their droppings, which can lead to illnesses.

Key Features For Quail Cage Setup:

  • Wire Mesh Floor: Maintain hygiene by letting droppings fall through
  • Space: Enough room for food, water, and bird movement
  • Access Point: A door for easily adding food and water

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Elevating Cage Design with a Dust Bath

Quails and eggs in a cage on a farm
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There’s more to a quail cage than just the basics. Dust baths can be a great addition.

These feathered fellows love to indulge in dust baths and providing them with one will make them feel at home. A typical cage size for a pair of quails is generally two feet wide, four feet long, and a foot and a half high, providing enough room for manoeuvre and accessories.


Raising quails can be an exciting venture. By setting up the perfect quail cage, you provide your birds with a comfortable life and set the foundation for a healthy and productive flock. Remember, every quail cage will differ based on individual needs, but the guiding principle remains the same: a comfortable, clean, and cosy environment that meets the needs of these fascinating birds.

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