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Pincher Bugs


Tips On Exterminating Pincher Bugs

What most people referred to as pincher bugs are also known as earwigs. Although it is commonly said that these bugs do not transmit disease to humans or even animals, they are definitely considered a pest in the eyes of most. Anyone who has encountered these long, flat black and brown bugs wish to get rid of them as quickly as possible. The article examines earwig infestation as well as methods of treatment to rid your home and garden of these pests.

Anyone attempting to have a garden has probably experience these little demons that destroy not only plants but also fruits and vegetables. Thankfully these pincher bugs only live for about a year; however, when thousands are infesting your garden their individual dying is hardly noticed. Typically these little bugs will avoid houses; however, your gardens are probably their favorite areas to feed. Furthermore, these creatures often hitch a ride from people by jumping in a bag, papers, packages, and much more. Who knows, they may even have the occasional frequent flyer miles by joining you on the plane if they can make it through security scans.

One thing that makes the pincher bugs relatively difficult to manage allowing them to produce in mass is the fact that no other known insect or reptile feeds off these bugs. Therefore, unless man or some random accident kills them, they generally live their entire life span.

Any earwig living indoors will generally die without much action from you; however, those dwelling near your plants can feed for quite a while in complete contentment unless the weather is extremely cold. Preferring the warmer months, most people will notice these pests during the summer. Typically hiding during the day, these bugs prefer to become outgoing after the sun goes down. During the day you will need to look for them in dark, damp areas such as under boards and rocks. Inside your home, they can frequently be found under your rugs or cushions on the couch.

With the females having over 300 eggs each two times a year, you could imagine how infestation will continue to be an issue if left untreated. Even though these little bugs are typically found outdoors where it is moist, during the extremely hot summer months they will seek your house as a hide out from the dry weather. Therefore, almost everyone who encounters these pincher bugs should immediately seek relief to stop the infestation before it becomes too extreme.

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There are multiple methods of extermination to rid your house and garden of these earwigs. For homes, feel free to call a local terminator who should have equipment geared toward elimination. Furthermore, there are natural insecticides such as boric acid powder that can be placed around the base of your house that kill any earwig that travels through the powder. However, if they have a method of getting around the powder, extermination is not possible. Vacuuming cleaners also prove to be successful in removing a large gathering of earwigs from around your house.

However, obviously hazardous materials are not recommended for your garden since you are likely to be consuming the products. Some people recommend getting a plastic container and filling the bottom of it up with things that will attract pincher bugs, like vegetable oil. Fill it up a good bit so the bugs will fall into the liquid trap and not be able to escape. Another suggestion is for you to purchase your favorite twelve pack of soda or beer and drink about two-thirds of each (or pour it out). From here you dig a hole the size of the can and put dirt around the top, obviously not covering the earwig’s main entrance. These bugs will be attracted to the sugar within the drinks and yeast in the beer, and again be trapped in liquid, and drown.

Now you have a method for removing these pests not only from your house but also from your garden. Following these instructions will have you earwig free in a short period of time allowing you to sleep easier at night.

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