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Mini Lop Bunnies


Caring for Mini Lop Bunnies

Mini lop bunnies have exploded in popularity since they were first introduced in the United States (the breed originated in Germany) in the early 1970’s.

Here are some things to keep in mind when caring for mini lop bunnies.


Many people understand that there is a difference in the amount of affection one can expect from a dog versus from a cat. Think of your bunny as more like a cat. While they can be affectionate, they also have a streak of independence. Do not get offended if they don’t want to be held all of the time, especially when you first bring them home. Over time, many mini lop bunnies become quite affectionate with their owners.


When you get a mini lop bunny – or bunnies – as a pet, you should always have them spayed or neutered.  There are two reasons for this. First, failing to do so could potentially result in unwanted animals being born. Secondly, some mini lop bunnies, males in particular, can be a bit aggressive. Once fixed, they tend to be less aggressive.

Bath Time Much in the way mini lop bunnies mimic cats in how they show affection, they are also similar in grooming habits. These pets will groom themselves every day. Still, some owners like to bathe their rabbits for good measure.  In general, rabbits like this activity even less than most cats, so be prepared for your pet to do all he can to jump out of the water. Towel dry and brush his fur, and your bunny will be clean as a whistle.


Unless you want a big, fat, lazy rabbit on your hands, you’ll need to find ways to make sure your bunny gets lots of exercise. Some owners do this by letting the rabbit run around the house for several hours each day. Others let their bunnies outside for playtime.  If you choose to let your bunny outside, ALWAYS keep an eye on him. Other pets and wild animals WILL see him as their next meal.

The Hutch

The rabbit’s hutch (cage) must be kept clean in order to keep your pet healthy.  You will need to clean the cage at least every other day. This is a task that only takes a couple of minutes.  Most pet supply stores will have a variety of items to spruce up your mini lop bunnies living quarters.  If you keep his cage clean, there will be no odor. If not, you’ll know it! Some people mistakenly think that bringing home a mini lop bunny or other pet rabbit is much like having pet fish. Just toss them in the cage, throw some food in each day and that’s it. That is not the case. Caring for mini lop bunnies requires a commitment of time, money and affection.  They need to play and to interact with you every day. If you are looking for a pet that you don’t have to spend any time with, then a mini lop bunny is NOT the right pet for you.

Mini lop bunnies make great pets for people who are willing to do what it takes to properly care for them. They will reward that care with years of love, entertainment and affection.

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