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Hedgehog Adoption


Facts About Pet Hedgehog Adoption

If you are looking for a pet hedgehog adoption may be something you’ll want to consider. These adorable little animals resemble a cute little bush with a face. Of course they are also covered with quills, but fortunately these are not the same quills you’ll find on porcupines. Unlike the quills of porcupines, the hedgehog’s quills do not have a barb on the end, plus they do not seem as sharp. You will find that these animals do have fur on their faces and the bottom of their stomach.

Before thinking about hedgehog adoption there are probably a few things you should think about. The first being that they are not really the same kind of pet you would get if you were to get a poodle; they are nervous and really don’t like to be handled much. The hedgehog will grow between 4 and 9-inches in length, which isn’t too big. Another fact about the hedgehog is that they are nocturnal so will be most active at night.

Although these little animals do make darling pets, hedgehog adoption may not be for everyone. One problem that some people have with the hedgehog is that they do have an odor, and certain foods will make the odor worse. To eliminate the hedgehog odor as much as possible you will have to constantly clean the animal’s cage. Another problem with keeping a hedgehog for a pet is that owning these animals is illegal in some states. If it is legal to own a hedgehog in your state, you may be required to purchase a permit for the state or local government. Before going through with a hedgehog adoption it is advisable that you check the laws in your state.

When you adopt a hedgehog it is best to choose one that has just been weaned, usually about 6 weeks old. Some things to look for when choosing a hedgehog is one that has clear eyes and seems energetic. When you go to pick up your hedgehog, make sure that you do so carefully so that the animal doesn’t ball up and catch your fingers; pick him or her up from the sides, softly.

The cage you use for your hedgehog will have to be very secure, as these animals are great at escaping. You can use either an aquarium, or a wire cage. With an aquarium you will have to ensure that your lid is secure, but that there is enough ventilation. With a wire cage you will need one with very small holes so that the hedgehog does not escape.

For bedding you will want to use something like Aspen shavings, and not any type of aromatic wood shavings; this could cause some problems with the hedgehog’s repertory system. In addition, keep in mind that the animal will likely eat some of the bedding.

It is also important that you keep your hedgehog warm; the best way to do this is to use a heating pad on the low setting. This can be placed beneath the cage, but do not place it beneath the entire cage. You will want some room for the animal to move to a cooler location if he or she does get too hot.

It is best to feed your hedgehog mealworms, but these are not always available. In case you cannot find this type of food you can also feed these animals dog or cat food. To keep your pet in optimal physical shape you will also want to ensure that they have an exercise wheel in their cage.

If you want an exotic pet, hedgehog adoption is a great idea, but only if you have the time and patience to keep your new pet happy.

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