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Golden Labrador Puppies

How to Find a Reputable Breeder for Golden Labrador Puppies

It is easy to understand why Golden Labrador puppies continue to be among the most popular breeds of dogs. They are affectionate, mild mannered, easy to train and loyal. There is, however, a downside to their popularity. Because these dogs are always in such high demand, they are an obvious target for those who operate puppy mills.

So how can you know that you are getting your Golden Labrador puppy from a reputable breeder? Here are some tips.

Do Not Order Over the Internet

A quick internet search for “Golden Labrador Puppies” will turn up several listing for breeders willing to ship a puppy right to your door.  Those are more than likely puppy mills. No reputable breeder is going to sell a dog to you without learning a bit about you and, in many cases, doing a background check. Some of these sites claim to have “Amish raised puppies” or some other promise that makes the dogs extra appealing. Don’t fall for it.

Site Visit

You should always visit the breeder in person. Tour the areas both where the puppies are kept and where the mother is kept. A reputable breeder will have no problem meeting such a request.

Age of Puppies Any breeder who is willing to let you take the puppy when it is younger than eight weeks of age does not have the best interest on the animal in mind. A breeder who would allow that is more than likely operating a puppy mill.

Who Cares?

Some people do not understand why it matters whether or not they purchase their dog from a reputable breeder. Some think it really doesn’t matter if they plan to treat the dog well. The truth is that every dime spent with these types of operations help to keep them in business. The level of abuse suffered by animals in puppy mills – particularly the breeder dogs – is beyond horrible. Many of these dogs live their entire lives in a cage, never being given the chance to run and play and never having human contact. Some such breeder dogs, upon being rescued, cannot even stand up on their own. Many are so sick that they must be euthanized. Buying a pet from a puppy mill helps keep such operations in business. In addition to the abuse suffered by the animals is the fact that the Golden Labrador puppies purchased from a puppy mill have a much higher chance of having serious medical problems than a dog that was purchased from reputable breeder. Thankfully, more and more states are working to shut down puppy mills and other businesses that abuse animals just to make a buck.  Still, it is the responsibility of every person who cares about animals to help stop these practices by refusing to do business with disreputable breeders. This is one small thing that everyone can do to put a stop to this form of animal abuse.

Golden Labrador puppies purchased from a reputable breeder will likely be happier, healthier and easier to train. And you’ll know that the purchase of your pet did not support animal abuse.

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