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Facts About Cows

Facts About Cows

Cow Facts

There are many very interesting facts about cows that people may not be aware of.  These types of facts may be very interesting for kids to learn about and understand.  If you have a small child at home you may want to talk to them about cows and give them some of these interesting facts. 

They may find some of them interesting and funny.  This is going to educate them and it is also going to give you and your child some time together.

Herd of cows grazing at green field

Some of the facts about cows revolve around them being considered the foster parents of humans.  This is because they supply milk to the world that is consumed in our everyday lives.  Because of the advances that have taken place to the process of getting milk from cows, it is now possible for us to get the same amount of milk for one cow that we use to get from ten cows.

Not all cows will give milk and when you learn about facts about cows you will learn that.  They can only produce milk if they have had a baby cow, or a calf.  Therefore, just because you have a cow does not mean that you are going to be able to get milk from it.  That is something to keep in mind if you are looking to purchase a cow as well. 

If you want the cow for milk, you need to make sure that it can produce milk.  You should also find out how old the cow is and how long it has been producing milk.  This is important to know because they are usually only milked for three or four years.

Cud is what the cow eats, throws back up and begins chewing again.  This is something that cows will do for approximately eight hours a day.  Facts about cows include this information because it is a really large part of their behavior.  Sheep and camels will often engage in this behavior as well.

There are four parts to the cow’s digestive system.  Each part serves its own purpose to the cow and the digestive process.  Facts about cows will explain that one part of the digestive system can hold up to 50 gallons of cud. 

They will also point out that another part of the digestive system acts just as our digestive system does.  These are very interesting facts that can be explored in more detail if your child wants to learn more.

More fun facts about cows are that they eat about 40 pounds of food each day.  They also drink a lot of water. 

If you look at your bathtub and notice the size, it may shock you to know that they are going to drink that much water each day as they eat all of their food.  This is an amazing fact when you think about what we, as humans, eat and drink each day.

It is hard to believe all of the facts about cows that are out there to be learned.  If you have been around cows throughout your life, many of these facts may not amaze you.  However, if you are new to cows, you may find much of this information very interesting and shocking. 

Milk cow grazing on green farm

It is important to educate your child about where their food comes from.  You could start by explaining cows and looking at many of the facts that were discussed in this article. 

When your children learn about the world around them they are more willing to explore and work towards understanding nature.  It is important to start the educational process somewhere.  This article pointed out just how interesting cows are, so why not start with them?

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