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Canary Breeds

canary_breeds-2295637An Overview of the Different Canary Breeds

Numerous canary breeds make excellent pets.  This type of bird is beautiful but also known for singing.  In fact, something that many people are unaware of is that some canaries talk.  While the clarity of voice and vocabulary would not be as great as you would find with a parrot, if worked with, several types of canaries learn to say enough to add to their charm and personality.  If you are thinking about buying a bird, you might consider some of the more popular types of canaries.

To help you get started, the information provided in his article would show you some of the better canary breeds to consider.  Remember, canaries are no different from any other kind of pet in that they have incredible personalities, character, charm, and again, beauty.  You would also discover that many canaries are quite comical and very smart.  This type of bird is native to the Canary Islands, thus the name.  By understanding the breed you are interested in buying would ensure your new pet is healthy and happy.

For starters, canary breeds are broken down into different categories to include color-bred, singing, and type.  However, the most popular breeds are those in the singing category although they are all great.


Canary breeds within the color-bred category are bred specifically for color.  Some of these breeds are so gorgeous they seem almost surreal.  The most stunning colors produced include bronze, pink, silver, and yellow.  Specific color would be based on the specific breed.  As an example, Cinnamon Canaries have a gorgeous bronze and red hue whereas Gloster Canaries are light yellow hues.  While there are multiple species, a few of the more popular breeds include:

  • Cinnamon Canaries
  • Stafford Canaries
  • Lizard Canaries
  • Red Factor Canaries

Type Canaries

For these canary breeds, the goal is to create unique conformations and shapes.  Most people purchase canaries for color or song but the type category is unique in that these species are bred to create unique physical attributes.  For instance, Yorkshire Canaries are the longest of all canaries while Crested Canaries have what appears as a slightly darker toupee that flops around with the bird’s movement.  A few of the favorites in this category include:

  • Border Canaries
  • Yorkshire Canaries
  • Fife Canaries
  • Belgium Canaries
  • Crested Canaries
  • Gloster Canaries
  • Norwich Canaries
  • Lancashire Canaries
  • Frilled Canaries
  • Scottish Fancy Canaries

Song Canaries

As mentioned, some of the most popular canary breeds are in this category simply because of the beautiful singing they offer.  What make canary breeds in this category so fascinating is that each species has a different tone and melody.  Based on the breed, the song pattern would be unique.  For instance, the Spanish Timbrado Canary actually has a sound like a Spanish song whereas the Roller Canary’s singing is soft and melodic.  Great choices that you might consider include:

  • American Singer Canaries
  • Spanish Timbrado Canaries
  • Roller Canaries
  • Waterslagger Canaries

Remember, these canary breeds are just a few examples to consider.  You should decide quality that is most important to you such as singing, physical attribute, or color and then begin researching specific breeds for that category.  Of course, as a part of the decision-making process would be price, care, lifespan, and health issues.  The one thing you can be certain of is that you will love your new pet and the joy it provides.

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