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Bathing Cats


Simple Tips to Bathing Cats

Bathing cats may seem a little bit out of the ordinary given the fact that they really hate to get a bath.  However, there are times that you are going to need to give your cat a bath.  It is not going to hurt them as long as you do it properly.  What you also need to keep in mind is your safety as well.  All of this will be discussed throughout the article.

You are probably going to need someone else to help you with this chore.  You should find someone who is willing to help you before you begin the process.  Be very clear that you want someone to hold the cat’s paws and mouth so that the cat can not get out of your grip and hurt you or themselves.  You know your cat best.  You are going to know what to expect of your cat.  Therefore, ask for help and be prepared.

The first thing to do before you actually begin is ask yourself if your cat really does need a bath.  Would it be possible for you to simply brush your cat or wipe your cat down with a damp cloth?  If the answers to these questions are no then you are going to want to prepare the bath.  You are going to prepare by making sure that you have on the appropriate clothing.  This is going to keep you safe from scratches that your cat may inflict if you are not covered properly.  You are most likely going to want to wear something that has long sleeves, is heavy and is not new.

Once you have figured out what you are going to be wearing you will want to find your cat.  If it is possible for you to do so, you are going to want to cut the cat’s claws.  This is going to reduce the severity of the scratching that could take place while you are bathing him or her.  You may want to make an appointment at the local vet’s office to have your cats nails clipped if you know in advance that you will be trying to give your cat a bath.

When bathing cats you are going to want to fill your tub with four or five inches of water.  You can judge this based on how large your cat is but you will not want to go much deeper.  Be sure to fill the water before you take the cat into the bathroom so that the sound of the running water does not scare him or her.  Next, you will want to fill a few buckets of water and have them close by.  You are going to use these buckets of water to rinse your cat so that the sound of running water will not scare him or her when you are almost finished with the bath.

Now that the water is ready, you may want to place a towel or a rubber mat into the bath tub so that your cat is going to be comfortable.  You will also want to have a wash cloth ready so that you can put soap on it to wash the cat.  This is also going to help you avoid scratches from the cat as you begin to wash him or her.  Make sure that you also have a few large towels ready to dry the cat when the bath is over.

Brush your cat to get out knots before you place the cat into the water.  This is going to help you get out many tangles and prevent more from developing.  Speak to your cat in a soft tone so that he or she will not be afraid.  Then, place your cat into the water.  Get your cat wet from the neck down.  Then, add some soap to the wash cloth and wash your cat’s arms and legs with the soapy wash cloth.  Once you have completely washed your cat you will drain the tub and rinse with the buckets of water.  There you have the basics of bathing cats.

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