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Agama Lizard

Agama Lizard

How to Care For an Agama Lizard

The agama lizard is very common in Africa.  These lizards can be found in several different colors and they range in size from 5 inches to a foot long.  When the males are mature and dominant they will be a dark orange and blue and their face is red. 

However, if they are not dominant or they have recently been in a fight, they will be a dull brown color.  It is also interesting to know that at night all of the males will turn a dark brown color. 

They once lived in the forest in Africa but they have learned to live in villages and spaces that are much more open. They generally remain inside and they only come out to eat.  If they are found outside they can run very quickly on their hind legs in order to get back to shelter.

Closeup of Agama lizard

So, do you have an agama lizard or are you thinking about getting one?  If so, there are some basic things that you may want to know related to the care of this lizard.  First of all, you are going to want the agama to have plenty of space to move around in because they can become very large and they are very active.  Therefore, you are going to want to find a place to keep him or her that is at least 48”x18”X18”. 

This will give your new friend plenty of room to grow and play.  Next, remember that it is very possible to make your pet tame by holding him or her frequently.  However, they can become very territorial and the males and females will fight. 

Males with fight with other males as well.  When they fight against one another, they will usually try to intimidate each other.  They do this by bobbing and weaving.  Because of this, you are going to need to keep the males separated if you have more than one.

The agama lizard is use to living in warm temperatures like Africa.  You will want to provide the lizard with UVB lighting for anywhere from eight to ten hours a day.  Remember that you are going to want to supply him with a place to get shade as well. 

Next, build up play areas for your pet.  You are going to do this by building up high places out of rocks and wood.  You want him or her to have places to climb.  By doing so, you are also giving the lizard places that they can bask in the sun.  You want the areas in the light to be approximately 90 degrees in the day time. 

Male and female agama lizard closeup

The shady places need to be approximately 80 degrees.  In the evenings you want to make it a little bit cooler.  You will want the temperature to be anywhere from 74 to 80 degrees.  You can also consider a heating mat to keep the ground temperatures consistent.

Small amounts of water will need to be kept in the tank for the agama.  You are also going to need to keep water misted inside at least every week.  You want to provide this moisture and it is very important to remember to do this. 

Food will consist of insects.  In order to keep your agama lizard healthy and give it the nutrients that it needs, you are going to want to keep insects such as locusts, crickets, and mealworms available for him or her to eat.  You should also purchase a vitamin supplement to for your lizard and be sure to sprinkle its food with calcium.

If you are considering owning an agama lizard, talk to your local pet store employee.  He or she may be able to tell you the most efficient ways to take care of your lizard so it can live a long, healthy life.  You can also look at interesting information about this pet online. 

Take the time to understand all of its needs before you commit.  You want your pet to be just as happy with you as you are with it.

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