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Types Of Ducks


A Quick Guide to Different Types of Ducks

I am sure that when you go to the park and see the ducks you do not often think about all of the different types of ducks that actually exist.  What is amazing is that there is not jut one kind of duck.  This article will briefly explain some of the types that exist and give specific information related to these ducks.  If you are a duck hunter you may enjoy this article as you can learn about what you are hunting.

Something interesting about ducks is that the male usually has brighter feathers than the female.  The males and females also have different voices.  Once you learn these differences for each species of duck you will be better able to determine what you are looking at.  For example the male mallard duck has a green head and its breast is a purple color.  However, the female mallard is a puffy brown color.  Differences can also be seen with the American black duck.  The males and females actually have dark brown fur that is almost black.  The difference is seen in the bill, as the males are a darker green than the females.  These ducks are usually seen in Wisconsin, Florida and parts of Texas.

You may find the South African black duck in the warmer parts of South Africa.  This duck is usually a charcoal color and it has white spots on it.  They will usually be found by themselves in heavy brush areas.  They are thought to be somewhat shy.  Once these ducks lay their eggs it takes about 28 days for them to hatch.  The mandarin duck is unique in that they have orange colored feathers over their back.  These ducks are most likely found in Japan and China.

The muscovy duck is unique because they are large and can be about the size of a small goose.  They are mainly black in color but you will know the male because it has a pink or red wart appearance to their face.  They are found in Mexico and South America.  The wood duck can be found in the United States when they are nesting.  The males will have a green crested head and gray sides.  You will know if you are looking at a female because she will have white around the eyes.  This stands out from her medium brown feathers.  The red-crested duck is not going to be seen in the United States but they are still extremely beautiful.  The males really stand out with their red heads and red bill.  However, you can find the equally beautiful ring-necked duck in the southern part of the United States in the wintertime.  The male duck has a white ring around its bill and the female has some white on the base of its bill along with white cheeks.

As you can see, there are numerous different types if ducks in the world.  What kind you see is going to depend on where you live and where you travel.  Many people that hunt ducks may find it exciting to learn about the types of ducks that exist.  If you are interested in becoming a duck hunter you should talk to other hunters in order to learn what is in your area.  You can find all kinds of information related to ducks at sporting goods stores, online, in magazines, and in hunting books.  It takes time to learn all of this information and it is not something that can be done over night.  You are also going to want to learn about each type of duck in order to learn about the laws and rules related to hunting them.  It is worth the time to research if you want to be a good hunter.

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