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Squirrel Droppings


How To Remove Squirrel Droppings

If you see any squirrel droppings in your home, you may want to find out how they are getting in and address the problem immediately. Most of the time squirrels will not enter an area where humans are because they are afraid of humans. However, if they gain entry to a place like an attic or basement they will stay until something is done. It may be discomforting to hear these creatures inside your home but that is not the only reason to be concerned. Squirrel droppings can contaminate a home and as soon as other squirrels smell the feces and urine, it will attract them and they will think that it is the perfect habitat.

When a squirrel urinates anywhere, it leaves a scent for other squirrels. Until the scent is removed completely, other squirrels will try to enter the area. So even if you only have a few squirrels in an area of your house, others will be sure to follow. Since they consider your home as a habitat, they will also have no problem giving birth and nesting their young inside of your home. This will add to the squirrel population and the problem can worsen.

Each individual squirrel can leave up to 20 droppings a day. If you have more than a few squirrels, this can really add up. They eat all of the time and have a high metabolism. They also urinate quite a bit and this can leave an awful odor and these fumes are dangerous to inhale.

A squirrel is a rodent and just like any rodent squirrel droppings can be hazardous to you and your family’s health. They hold parasites, bacteria and specific diseases like tularemia or the plague. You do not have to consume or even the touch the feces to become infected. You can also inhale these harmful substances. These animals can also carry insects that cause diseases or discomfort. Fleas, ticks and mites are also found on squirrels and they can easy move on to infest you or your home. So your first priority should be removing the squirrels and then the squirrel droppings.

It is not a good idea to attempt this yourself. There are many companies who specialize in the removal of squirrels and their contaminants and they can make sure that the squirrels do not come back. If you try this yourself you are putting you and your family at risk. Squirrels can cause damage that you are not aware of. They may chew on electrical wires, leaving them exposed and dangerous and even if you do remove all of the nests and feces the bacteria, parasites and mites can remain.

The companies that specialize in the removal of squirrels should be using a hepa vacuum to remove the dirt, dust and contaminants. Most vacuums can actually send the contaminated dust into the air and spread it to other areas in the home. The hepa vacuum does not do this and traps the dirt and dust as well as the airborne contaminants. They should also treat the home with a disinfectant to combat the spread of disease. But possibly the most important thing they can do is to make sure that the problem does not reoccur.

Finding out where the squirrels are entering the home is the next step. Rodents and squirrels can fit through the tiniest of cracks and holes in your home. It may be nearly impossible to find them yourself. This is why it is so important to hire a professional exterminator, who has experience in knowing where to look for these cracks and holes. He can advise you on how to proceed in patching up or repairing your home.