Species Profile: Red-Bellied Lemur (Eulemur rubriventer)


Red-bellied lemur lounging in lush greenery, captured in Madagascar.

The Red-Bellied Lemur, scientifically known as Eulemur rubriventer, is a medium-sized strepsirrhine primate characterized by its luxuriant chestnut brown coat. This lemur species is distinguished by striking patches of white skin below the eyes, which accentuate its captivating appearance.


The Red-Bellied Lemur showcases a unique appearance, setting it apart from other lemur species. Its chestnut brown coat is particularly noteworthy, and the distinctive patches of white skin below the eyes contribute to its charismatic and memorable visage. This species also exhibits marked sexual dimorphism, with females often exhibiting dominance over males.


The Red-Bellied Lemur is endemic to the lush rainforests of eastern Madagascar. Its range extends from northern to northeastern Madagascar, with notable populations inhabiting a large continuous section of these rainforests. This species can be found in intact rainforests along the eastern region of Madagascar, except Masoala National Park.

Habitat Preferences

Red-bellied lemur in Madagascar, Nikon camera, vibrant green bokeh background. Endangered animal with striking fur and expressive eyes.

Red-bellied lemurs thrive in diverse ecosystems within the eastern Madagascan rainforests. These habitats provide the essential resources for their survival and well-being, including an abundance of fruit, leaves, flowers, and occasional insects, which form the primary components of their diet. The species’ arboreal nature allows them to navigate and flourish within the rich and complex rainforest canopy, where they are both diurnal and cathemeral, meaning they may be intermittently active during the day or night, depending on seasonal and food availability factors.

As a renowned animal writer and conservation scientist with extensive expertise, I hope this species profile provides a comprehensive understanding of the captivating Red-Bellied Lemur and contributes to wildlife conservation and education efforts.

Facts About Red-Bellied Lemur

  • The red-bellied lemur (Eulemur rubriventer) is a medium-sized primate endemic to Madagascar.
  • Red-bellied lemurs are mainly diurnal and live in social groups of 5 or fewer individuals, typically consisting of a mated pair and their offspring.
  • They inhabit a long, narrow strip of intact primary and secondary rainforest in Madagascar.
  • These lemurs are sexually dichromatic, with males and females displaying different coloration.
  • Male red-bellied lemurs are predominately chestnut-brown with white teardrop-shaped eye patches and denser cheek hairs.
  • Red-bellied lemurs measure a little over a foot long (35 cm) and weigh between three and five pounds (1.6 – 2.4 kgs).
  • They are one of the rarest members of their family, Eulemur, and one of the least commonly kept in captivity.
  • Red-bellied lemurs play a role in seed dispersal and pollination within their forest habitat.
  • They are known to communicate through a variety of vocalizations, including grunts, barks, and wails.
  • Red-bellied lemurs are important for the maintenance and regeneration of the forest ecosystem in Madagascar.

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