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Illegal Jackal Trade

Illegal Jackal Trade is on the rise in South Africa and it is a major threat to the survival of jackals in their natural habitats. Jackals are being hunted for their fur, meat, and for traditional medicine practices.

Jackal hunting has become a lucrative business, due to high demand from both local and international markets. Poachers have turned to use cruel methods such as snares and traps that are known to maim or kill jackals before they can be sold into captivity.

Jackal hunting affects the delicate balance of ecosystems across South Africa, as these animals play an important role in controlling animal populations. Without them, other animal populations may grow out of control, leading to the overgrazing of grasslands and a disruption of the food chain.

Illegal Jackal Trade also has devastating economic impacts. It is estimated that this illegal trade costs the government millions of dollars each year in lost revenue due to poaching activities and law enforcement efforts.

The only way we can help protect these animals is through increased awareness and stricter enforcement against those who participate in illegal jackal trade activities. We must also continue working with communities living around jackal habitats to help educate them on why these animals are important for maintaining healthy ecosystems.