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Elephant Task Force

Elephant Task Force

The Elephant Task Force, or ETF, is a conservation initiative that was launched by the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) in India. The ETF was formed to ensure the long-term protection and welfare of wild elephants in India.

The main goal of the ETF is to prevent conflict between humans and wild elephants, as well as reducing human-elephant interactions that could result in harm to either party. This is achieved through promoting elephant-friendly approaches such as early detection of problems related to human-elephant conflict and providing solutions for reducing such conflicts.

African elephant walking towards camera

The ETF has been successful in raising awareness about the importance of protecting wild elephants, with several campaigns aimed at educating people about their plight. In addition to this, the ETF also carries out research and surveys on wild elephant population sizes, movement patterns, habitat requirements and much more.

The ETF works with other government bodies such as forest departments to implement solutions for dealing with human-elephant conflict situations across the country. It also assists local communities in finding sustainable solutions for living alongside wild elephants without harming them or damaging their habitats. The ETF also lobbies for better legal protection for India’s wild elephants by engaging with policy makers at both state and national level.

By working together with all stakeholders involved, the Elephant Task Force is playing an integral role in safeguarding one of India’s most iconic species – its wild elephants.