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Rabbit Accessories


Rabbit Accessories You May Want

If you have ever owned a rabbit you have probably spent some time looking for rabbit accessories that you could purchase for your pet.  You can find these types of pet accessories in any pet store as well as online and in books that talk about rabbits.  Your accessories will vary because some of these will make your life easier but some of them will make things better for your pet.  You simply need to spend a little bit of time researching what is available and go from there.

The first thing you may want to consider when looking at rabbit accessories is a water bottle that will attach to the rabbits cage.  This water bottle will be an easy way for your rabbit to get water.  You will not need to spend a lot of time changing your pet’s water and refilling the bowl when the water has spilled.  You will also be reassured that your rabbit’s water is clean if it is inside of a bottle.   Your rabbit will have an opportunity to get water any time that it wants water.  He or she is not going to need to wait for you to get it for them.

As you continue looking at rabbit accessories you may come across a K9 cooler.  This is a very small, portable fan that you can attach to your rabbits cage.  When you place two size “D” batteries into this fan it can run for approximately 100 hours.  It is very quiet so you will not have to worry about the noise of the fan scaring your rabbit.  This fan also has two different speeds that you can set it on.  It can be placed on low or high in order to cool your rabbit down.  You will be very pleased with this accessory if your rabbit is kept outside all of the time and it is very hot outside.

Other rabbit accessories include the hay manager.  This unique cage accessory will hook onto the cage and give you a place to put your rabbit’s food.  This is very nice to have for your pet because it will help keep rabbit waste out of your rabbits food. This will also help keep your rabbit healthy because he or she will not be eating food that has been contaminated within the cage.  You want to keep your rabbit healthy so this may be a very good investment for you.

If you normally keep your rabbit in a cage outside you may want to look for rabbit accessories that may allow your rabbit the opportunity to move around safely in the yard.  You can spend some time looking for rabbit playpens.  These are wonderful because you will be able to set it up in the yard and then place your rabbit inside of it and let them run free for a little bit of playtime.  Your rabbit needs the extra exercise and he or she is will also enjoy being able to eat some of the fresh grass in your yard.

Rabbit accessories are not very difficult to find.  You will also notice that there are so many different things to select from that you will not know where to start.  Your rabbit wants to be entertained and get exercise just like any other pet you have owned in the past or that you currently own.  You simply need to think about your rabbit’s personality and find what some accessories that you believe your rabbit will really enjoy.  Like I previously mentioned, some of the accessories may make your life easier as well.  Therefore, keep that in mind while you are carrying out your search.

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